A New Dimension of German-Russian University Cooperation

0d6a2079b0In September 2014, the "German-Russian Institute of Advanced Technologies" (GRIAT) opened its doors in Kazan, the capital of the autonomous Russian Republic of Tatarstan. The GRIAT project is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the Republic of Tatarstan. It aims at establishing engineering study programmes on a German educational level at the Kazan National Research Technological University (KNRTU-KAI). The Technical University of Ilmenau as the project leader cooperates with the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg in exporting study programmes in the field of engineering to the KNRTU-KAI. Also known as Tupolev University, this institution is named after the Russian aeronautical engineer Andrei Nikolayevich Tupolev and ranks among the top research and elite universities in Russia.

The TU Ilmenau and OVGU offer the following Master's study programme at the affiliated GRIAT:

  1. Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
  2. Master of Science in Chemical and Energy Engineering
  3. Master of Science in Systems Engineering and Engineering Cybernetics
  4. Master of Science in Research in Computer and Systems Engineering
  5. Master of Science in Communications and Signal Processing
  6. Master of Science in Automotive Engineering

Furthermore, the partnership extends beyond the export of teaching. The cooperation encourages joint research projects between scientists and students from Germany and Russia. At a distance of 3,000 km, Kazan offers state-of-the-art conditions for this goal: KNRTU-KAI built GRIAT its very own building for research and teaching with 20,000 sqm usable area. In the long run, the project is supposed to result in a binational German-Russian university.

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