Mission Statement

As a competence centre for international mobility, the International Office at Otto von Guericke University is the service and coordination organisation responsible for the university's international relations. In cooperation with the President's office, the faculties, the administration and other institutions our role is to further the internationalization of the university.

We are responsible for the international partnerships and contacts of the university and for their development. We organise mobility programmes within a network of diverse partnerships on different levels. We welcome and support visitors and delegations, arrange trips, excursions and events and represent the university at international exhibitions. We are responsible for managing the contracts for the numerous cooperation accords and agreements as well as for the university's membership of international organisations and associations.

We advise, assist and support international students and academics at the university. As a first point of contact, we offer information and services regarding the organisation of your stay.

We provide information about the possibilities for study, work placements and research abroad and help to arrange such stays. With the support of several organisations and in conjunction with university, European and international mobility programmes, we open up routes abroad to Magdeburg's students and academics. We provide information about general and funding conditions and offer support to those preparing and undertaking stays abroad.

We are a point of contact for information on international degrees, the recognition of study credits from abroad and intercultural questions.

We provide advice and support relating to their international activities to the faculties and institutions within the University of Magdeburg. We offer a broad array of services ranging from information, to advice and support when making applications, to project management. We also coordinate measures for internationalisation, the maintenance of international contacts and international marketing with them.

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