For students

All students studying at a university/institute of higher education in Germany are obliged to hold statutory health and nursing care insurance (Section 5 [1] no. 9 of the German social security code, SGB V). For this reason, every foreign student must also become a member of a public (statutory) health insurance fund or a substitute fund or obtain private insurance. Health insurance is mandatory for students up until 30 years of age. The member contribution to statutory health insurance funds (including nursing care insurance) currently amounts to around 108 EUR/month for students under 30 years old. Advantages of statutory health insurance:

  • Visit the doctor without any red tape by presenting a health insurance card
  • Affordable rate
  • Any pre-existing conditions are not relevant
  • All statutory and substitute health insurance funds have more or less identical rates, although individual services differ
  • Family members without their own income can be co-insured at no additional cost

When you turn 30 years of age  you can take out voluntary insurance with a statutory health insurance fund. There are two levels of contributions. Currently, the contribution for voluntary health insurance is 180 EUR/month. It is possible to compare rates and services here. If you choose to obtain private health insurance at the start of your studies, you need to apply to be released from the obligation to obtain insurance from the public (statutory) fund. This does not apply to private travel insurance. Some private insurance companies offer student rates. It is possible to compare rates and services here.

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