Applying Directly to OVGU

Which applications must be submitted directly to the university?

Direct application to OVGU applies for international students who:

  1. at one time have already been enrolled at OVGU
  2. earned their Bachelor's degree in Germany and are interested in a Master’s programme. Please use the myOVGU portal
    • Exception: Applications for Integrative Neuroscience and Performance Analysis of Sport must be conducted through uni-assist in any case.

  3. are interested in the following programmes:

  4. are scholarship applicants for the Master's programme "Peace and Conflict Studies" or CONACyT applicants from Mexico.


Please note that all applicants of those categories must send the printed and signed application form with their complete documents to the following postal address:

Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

Dezernat Studienangelegenheiten

Frau Ulrike Schmidt

Postfach 4120

39016 Magdeburg



Foreign nationals holding the German Abitur are treated in the same way as German candidates in the application process and may apply online (German only  Deutsche Flagge). Foreign nationals with a German Bachelor's degree, but an international secondary school certificate are not treated in the same way as German candidates!

Applicants who have already completed a master's programme in Germany and want to pursue a second master's programme at OVGU need to reapply through uni-assist. Please note that you have to pay secondary study fees of 500EUR per semester in this case of enrolment.

Which documents do I need to submit directly to the university?
  • Printed and personally signed Application Form for Admission to Studies;
  • simple copy of the pages of your passport containing your personal details and photograph, and your residence permit where applicable;
  • officially certified copy and sworn translation of your secondary school leaving certificate (in German or English) with grades and overview of subjects;
  • officially certified copy and sworn translation of the certificate for the higher education entrance examination completed in your home country, if taken;
  • officially certified copies and sworn translations of subject and grade overviews, diplomas, university degrees (Bachelor's, Master's) and certificates for years of study already completed at other universities;
    Attention: degree certificates must be presented with other enrolment documents at the very latest
  • officially certified copy of German or English language certificates, depending on the course: 
     Proof of completion of German language examinations; proof of at least B1 for participating in a Preparatory Language Course in German and for participating at the Preparatory Course (Studienkolleg);
    English: Official TOEFL Score Report (TOEFL Test) or equivalent language certificates (please check this in the brief description of your course); the original certificates must be submitted, or certified copies; the TOEFL Score Report can also be sent directly to the University; TOEFL Code of Otto von Guericke University: 0183;
  • officially certified copy of the assessment test (if required);
  • specific evidence, if required for your desired course (letter of motivation, proof of internship or placement, letter of recommendation, proof of having completed aptitude tests - in this regard, please check the brief description of your course);
  • applicants from India, the People's Republic of China and Vietnam, please append an original of the certificate issued by the Academic Evaluation Centre (Akademische Prüfstelle, APS) at the German Embassy in New Delhi, Beijing (German only  Deutsche Flagge) or Hanoi (German only  Deutsche Flagge).

No documents will be accepted by email or fax and no advance assessment of qualifications will be provided.

When must my direct application reach the university?

You can find the deadlines in the brief description of your desired course of study. We recommend an early application:

  • For the winter semester (WS): by 15 July
  • For the summer semester (SS): by 15 January

The university will strive to complete the processing of all international admission applications by 15 July (winter semester) or 15 January (summer semester).

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