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Admission to a Ph.D. Programme

In order to be admitted to a Ph.D. programme, you are required to provide evidence of having graduated from a German university or completing an equivalent education at a recognised foreign university. Further requirements are covered by the Ph.D. programme regulations of the individual faculties. More (German only  Deutsche Flagge)

Applying for a Ph.D. Programme

To apply for a Ph.D. programme, you will usually require the following:

  • Application for admission as a Ph.D. student (German only  Deutsche Flagge);
  • Application form for admission to studies for foreign applicants, if you wish to enrol;
  • proof of having successfully graduated from university in the form of officially certified copies of the transcript of records and graduation certificate;
  • curriculum vitae in tabular form;
  • presentation of previous academic achievements and explanations regarding the preparatory work carried out for the research proposal;
  • statement of willingness from a professor or lecturer at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg to supervise your project.
  • In the case of applicants from China, Vietnam or Mongolia, in addition, the candidate's certificates of academic achievement must be checked by the academic evaluation centre (Akademische Prüfstelle (APS)) in Beijing, Ulan Bator or Hanoi; more information can be found on the web pages of the German embassies in Beijing (German only  Deutsche Flagge), Hanoi (German only  Deutsche Flagge) and Ulan Bator (German only  Deutsche Flagge).

Academic Supervisors for Ph.D. Programmes

Candidates should know in which field of study they wish to produce their dissertation. This will mainly depend on the areas of emphasis in their previous studies. Next, they should attempt to make contact with an academic supervisor for their dissertation. There are two possibilities:

  • The applicant contacts a university lecturer in the preferred field of study. The candidate clarifies whether the lecturer is willing to take on the supervision of the dissertation. University lecturers are not obliged to admit an applicant, even if the candidate meets the necessary requirements. The assistants to the dean of each faculty are available to help contact the relevant lecturer or answer general questions.
  • Alternatively, the applicant can contact the International Office. Application documents can be submitted, and the question as to whether supervision is possible can be posed. The International Office will then take care of the next steps.

Decisions on the admission of Ph.D. students are made by the council of the relevant faculty once the equivalence of the candidate's university degree has been checked. The equivalence check is carried out by the department of academic affairs.

Doctoral Requirements

The time needed for completion of a Ph.D. ranges - depending on the field of study and topic of the dissertation - from two to six years. The requirements for the awarding of a Ph.D. are as follows:

  • A doctoral thesis (dissertation);
  • the public defence of the dissertation (disputation);
  • the publication of the dissertation.


ERASMUS Third Cycle

The ERASMUS-Programme of the European Comission offers Ph.D. students a scholarship over one or two semesters staying at a university in a European foreign country. If there is a cooperation (see exchange data base) you can apply at your home university. At the OVGU you can be admitted with student state. More

National and International Subsidies

We recommend following different scholarship data bases for further subsidies for your international research and exchange:

EURAXESS Deutschland


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