Electronic sickness notification

From 01.01.2023, the new electronic certificate of incapacity for work (eAU for short) procedure will apply throughout Germany for both employers and employees with statutory health insurance. This means that the previous certificate of incapacity for work (AU) - the yellow sick bill - will be abolished in paper form and replaced by a digital solution.

Instead of issuing a sick bill, the doctor's office will report the incapacity to work directly to the health insurance company electronically from January 2023. The employer then queries the data directly from the health insurance fund. Detailed explanations of the individual steps can be found in the administrative circular under "5.22 Incapacity for work" - Notification and verification obligations for incapacity for work and service (without FME)" dated 22.12.2022.

What does this change for employees?

  1. Of course, employees are still obliged to report sick immediately to their supervisor or to the work area in the event of illness. This can be done by telephone, e-mail, text message or by a third party.
  2. The second step is to report the illness to the Human Resources Department. For this purpose, OVGU is also converting the internal procedure for reporting sickness of the employee to an electronic procedure - the electronic sickness notification - as of 01.01.2023.

How does electronic sick leave take place at OVGU?

For electronic sickness notification, please log in with your university account in the box on the right and then proceed to data entry, where you follow the instructions in the respective boxes.

Unfortunately, the form is currently only available in German. An English translation is in progress.

With the new portal, all employees can immediately report their incapacity to work in electronic form to the Human Resources Department. We distinguish between three different cases:

  1. Unable to work without a doctor's visit (formerly "sick without a sick bill"). This is possible for incapacity for work of up to 3 calendar days.
  2. Incapacity for work with doctor's visit for employees who are covered by statutory health insurance (GKV).
  3. Incapacity for work with doctor's visit for employees who are insured in the private health insurance (PKV).

All the steps shown apply to both the initial notification and subsequent notifications.

Graphical representation of the process:

Graphical representation of the electronic sickness notification process

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