Re-registration period for the winter semester 2020 is from june 9, 2020 until july 6, 2020

The re-registration is your official statement that you continue your studies at OVGU Magdeburg.

  • Semester fees for the winter semester 2020/21 are: 129.90 Euro.
  • Re-registration will only be carried out if the full amount was paid until july 6, 2020.
  • In case of late re-registration you must pay an additional amount of 10.30 Euro.
  • Even in case you intend to apply for Master studies you will have to pay the summer semester fees within the re-registration period.
  • in exceptional cases bank transfer is still possible

Please find detailed information and help about re-registration & fees here.


You re-register via student’s portal myOVGU. OVGU uses single SEPA direct debt mandates for student transactions. This means that you have to authorise the OVGU every semester again to collect payments and fees. Payments and fees will be collected with the re-registration in the students’ portal myOVGU. You do not have to submit any individual document to the students’ office. Instead you will have to state your bank details at every re-registration. It is not necessary to enter a TAN number.

All payments and fees you are obliged to pay will be listed transparently in myOVGU.

Please mind that you will not be re-registered automatically every semester. You will always have to re-register during the relevant period yourself. In case you cannot provide sufficient account coverage, be aware that your bank will not cover the difference. Usually you will have to pay on top of the regular payment a so called “Rücklastschriftgebühr”, a fee that covers the handling of this issue by your bank.

If you have more questions regarding this please contact the Campus Service Center.


 Recipent Universität Magdeburg
 IBAN: DE64 8100 0000 0081 0015 02
 Bank Name: Deutsche Bundesbank, Filiale Magdeburg
 Amount: 129,90 Euro
 Reason for Transfer:              WS20202MYOVGU......

(After the abbreviation "MYOVGU" you must put in your matriculation number without spaces between the digits. The complete "reason for transfer" must be given without spaces. If you re-register by bank transfer it takes up to five days before your new student data will be available

Please Note: In case of a mistake in the "Verwendungszweck" (Reason for Transfer) the money will be re-transferred to your account and you will not be re-registered

Re-registration periods:

winter semester 2020/21 june 09, 2020 - july 06, 2020
summer semester 2021 january 12, 2021 - february  08, 2021
winter semester 2021/22 june 08, 2021 - july 05, 2021