Microtechnology Support Unit

Microtechnology and chip production are of critical importance for the development of science and industry. In recent years both technologies have contributed towards considerable progress and have helped to find new solutions to complex problems. Researchers have developed new materials with astounding properties, which, for example, are used in aerospace, the automobile industry and biomedicine. Due to ever smaller and more powerful computer chips, data can be processed and stored in a completely different way, which is enormously important for areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics and medical technology.

In the future too, microtechnology and chip production will be essential for the development of new technologies. For this reason, at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, the “Microtechnology” support unit has been ensconced in the Office of the President. As an important interface, it combines and coordinates the activities of the university in this area and is a point of contact for questions from policy makers, non-university scientific institutions and regional industry.

Aims of the support unit

  • Development of a talent pipeline
  • Recruitment of international students
  • Creation of a network
  • Establishment of an endowed chair

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