Economics and Management

Brief profile

The Faculty of Economics and Management sees itself as a modern academic institution, which derives its basic understanding from four central elements: the unity of economics and management, theoretical scholarship, international orientation of research and teaching, and the intrinsic practical relevance of the theoretical scholarship.

The Faculty is committed to international quality standards in research and teaching and offers a multitude of German and English-language programmes of study.

Research topics

  • Decision Making – e.g. consumer behaviour, decision-making behaviour where there is risk and uncertainty, intercultural behavioural comparisons, behaviour in negotiations and organisations
  • Policy Advice – e.g. regulations and human capital, corporate law and taxation, auditing and financial market regulation, macroeconomic policy analysis, industrial and innovation policy
  • Business Advice – e.g. strategic decision-making behaviour in complex corporate structures, support for decision-making in production and logistics, considering risk when auditing and valuing of/in companies, human resource structure planning and remuneration, decision-making taking into account taxation


The Faculty of Economics and Management is home to the following chairs:

Business Management

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