Energy Process Engineering


Energy Process Engineering

Degree Conferred Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Duration 7 Semesters Enrollment Wintersemester Admission restriction Restricted admission for some subjects Entry requirements University entrance qualification (e.g. Abitur) or relevant subject-related matriculation standard
It is recommended to complete the basic internship before starting the degree programme.
Application Details without admission restriction
Application to the University of Magdeburg
Application deadline   Bewerbung mit deutschem Schulabschluss      an der OVGU 15. September   Bewerbung mit internationalem Schulabschluss      über uni-assist 15. July Language German


The degree programme introduces students to the essential areas and tasks of environmental and process engineering, which include areas such as recycling, wastewater treatment, regenerative energy sources and efficient energy use. Students are prepared for these tasks by learning the general, mathematical, scientific and engineering fundamentals of process engineering. They acquire knowledge in computer science, modern methods of material and energy conversion as well as material recycling.

Career Perspectives

Since environmental and energy process technology today essentially determines the technical standard and quality of life of an industrial and information society and is an essential component in almost all branches of the economy, environmental technicians find fields of activity in many branches of industry, such as the petroleum and coal industry, chemistry, in the field of building materials, biotechnology, metallurgy, ceramics and mechanical engineering. In addition, the degree qualifies them to work at research institutions or to continue their scientific education in a Master's programme.

Competencies and Interests Required

Solid basic knowledge of natural sciences, as well as a basic understanding of technology. Interest and enjoyment in the implementation of circular economy concepts in economic practice.

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