The EU funds inter-regional cooperation in Europe with the INTERREG IV C, ESPON 2013, INTERACT II and URBACT I programmes. Specifically, the INTERREG IV C programme funds cooperation in the areas of "Innovation & Knowledge Economy" and "Environment & Risk Prevention". The specific aim is to promote the exchange of experience, the transfer of best practice and the further development of instruments and strategies for regional development. Applicants may be public institutions or institutions with a public service mission. 

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Central Europe

The CENTRAL EUROPE programme is strongly tailored to the Europe 2020 Strategy, whose central growth focus can be subdivided into three different areas:

  • Intelligent Growth: This includes improving education, promoting research and development, and reinforcing the digital society.
  • Sustainable Growth: The focus here is reducing emissions, better resource efficiency, environmental protection, developing the electricity network and sponsoring SMEs.
  • Integrated Growth: The goal here is to increase the employment rate, strengthen the integration of all age groups in the labour force and society, and to modernise labour markets and the social system.

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