Consortium Agreement

The Consortium Agreements should be concluded before the Grant Agreement is signed.

Standard agreements are often used by coordinators for setting up the Consortium Agreements. Representatives of universities and research institutions have made the DESCA sample agreement available on the internet, which is frequently used in EU projects as the basis for Consortium Agreements.

The DESCA sample consortium agreement contains:

  • Core text
  • 2 modules for the governance structure:
    • a) for complex projects: 2 governing bodies, general assembly and executive board
    • b) modules for small projects: simple structure, general assembly only
  • Module for IPR - special clauses for software
  • Options: (options are highlighted in grey.)
    • Option 1 is the one preferred by the majority of users.
    • Option 2 is preferred by some industrial partners (e.g. all project results are available for exploitation without any consideration for the owner). Mixing options 1 and 2 can lead to inconsistencies.

Additional templates for Consortium Agreements on the pages of the IPR Helpdesk.

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