Teacher Training for Secondary and Grammar School


Teacher Training for Secondary and Grammar School

Degree Conferred Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) Duration 6 Semesters Enrollment Wintersemester Admission restriction Restricted admission for some subjects Entry requirements General university entrance qualification or a subject-specific university entrance qualification or a completed, relevant apprenticeship as a technician or master craftsman; For Sports programmes: proof of having successfully completed the aptitude test. Application deadline     In combination with subjects with restricted admission (N.C.)     Applicants with German secondary school leaving certificate (Abitur)   an der OVGU July 15     Applicants who obtained the ABITUR before January 16 of this year   an der OVGU May 31     In combination with subjects without restricted admission   an der OVGU     German applicants   an der OVGU September 15     International applicants   an der OVGU August 20 Language German


In addition to their major subject in business / engineering, students must select an additional subject. The options are ethics, German, social studies (only in combination with engineering), mathematics and sport.

Possible subject combinations: Major: engineering – may be combined with one of the following minor subjects: ethics, mathematics, social studies, German, sport (N.C.). To date it has been possible to achieve every desired combination with engineering. Major: business (N.C.) – may be combined with one of the following minor subjects: ethics, mathematics, German, sport (N.C.).


As part of the Bachelor’s degree course in Vocational Education with the profile “Business and Engineering Education” at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, the teaching subjects of business or engineering are studied in combination with a second teaching subject. The Bachelor’s degree course combines specific engineering / business-related basic education with subject-specific education in the teaching subjects (including the specific teaching methodology for the respective subject) with educational science training, in which fundamental knowledge of pedagogical psychology, general pedagogy, occupational pedagogy and occupational didactics is conveyed. As part of the Bachelor’s degree course, the students are prepared for activity as future teachers in secondary or grammar schools and for extracurricular activities in the fields of career choice, career orientation, preparation for the world of work and career guidance. As the first part of University studies in the Bachelor’s-Master’s consecutive model required for commencing teaching practice, the Bachelor’s degree course also targets the specific role of these teachers as intermediaries between school and industry, especially for the purposes of assisting in career orientation and choice for their pupils.

Career Perspectives

The Bachelor’s degree results in a polyvalent qualification profile. Graduates may undertake skilled tasks in facilities offering career choice and orientation advice, in company, external and inter-company vocational education with occupational or industrial pedagogy requirements, such as in career and qualifications guidance. In addition, studies may be continued on the Master’s degree courses offered by Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg. Available options include the Master of Education for Teaching in Secondary or Grammar Schools programme or the Vocational Education Master’s degree programmes in Industrial Vocational Education and Management of Vocational Education (BBG) and International Vocational Education (IVE).

Competencies and Interests Required

It is expected that prospective students will have an interest in teaching engineering / business in combination with an additional subject, and thus in a pedagogical function/advisory role, in working with young people, and in undertaking an engineering / business-related course of studies.

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