Psychosocial Student Counselling

Psychosocial Counselling is available to all university students in Magdeburg. We offer free, non-binding and strictly confidential counselling in stressful situations that may occur during the course of your studies. Problems with motivation, feeling overwhelmed, fear of exams or anxieties about the future, difficulties in relationships with parents or friends and partners cannot always be solved on one’s own or with the help of friends or relatives. One or more individual talks with a counsellor can often provide relief, help you to acquire a new perspective on the issue bothering you and also reveal underlying strengths and expertise you may not have been aware of till then. Even if you do not know what the trouble is, or if you are looking for someone who will just listen and help you to sort out your thoughts, you are, of course, most welcome to contact us. Sexual harassment and sexualized violence can also be issues in counseling. These are treated in a confidential and sensitive way. You can contact us by phone (answering service), in our consultation hours or you can email and make an appointment.

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