Finding used furniture

Used furniture/household appliances

Here is a selection of places where it is possible to buy cheap used furniture and other household appliances in Magdeburg. If you enter “An- und Verkauf Magdeburg” in Google, you will find plenty of other second-hand shops in Magdeburg.

An & Verkauf Total: Used household appliances, furniture, books, electronics etc.

Glause Doreen An- und Verkauf: Used household appliances, furniture, books, electronics etc.

fair kaufen: Used furniture, clothing, household appliances, bicycles, crockery etc.

Möbel A&V Discount / Tip-top Möbel: Used household appliances, furniture etc.

An&Verkauf: Used furniture, household appliances, electronics, bicycles, art etc.

You can also look for furniture and other used items on the online market. On Ebay Kleinanzeigen in particular, you will find a multitude of good offers in Magdeburg. Prices are often negotiable. You can adapt your search on the website to only find local ads.

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