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Awards in Saxony-Anhalt

Magdeburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry Research Prize

Every year Magdeburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry awards a research prize worth €1,500. The prize is awarded for outstanding scientific achievements that help to enhance the state as a location in which to live and do business. As the cross-sectoral representative body for industry in the northern half of Saxony-Anhalt, with this prize Magdeburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry combines a stronger incentive and additional motivation for especially creative solutions from scientific institutions.

Environmental Alliance Award

The Environmental Alliance Award is presented every two years to companies from Saxony-Anhalt that:

  • take climate protection measures
  • make efficient use of dwindling natural resources
  • promote climate and resource protection through innovative strength
  • realise economic potential in green technologies, products and services.

The prize money totalling 25,000 EURO is divided among the three categories "Climate and resource-friendly corporate management" (10,000 EURO), "Innovative environmental ideas" (10,000 EURO) and the special prize "Environmental alliance" (5,000 EURO).

Further information can be found on the website of the State of Saxony-Anhalt.

Saxony-Anhalt Research Awards

Every year the state awards science prizes for basic and applied research. The deadline for applications is 2nd May every year. In addition, every two years the Hugo Junkers prize is awarded for innovative technologies, processes and services, the successful products of cooperation between science and industry, and successful technology-oriented start-ups/market launches. The winners receive prize money of €5,000 each. The prize money for the additional overall winner is €10,000.
Over and above this, further prize winners in the three categories receive sums amounting to €2,000 for second place and €1,000 for third place. More

VDI Prize awarded by the Magdeburg District Association

The VDI Prize is awarded by the Magdeburg District Association to engineers and scientists from academia and industry. Outstanding achievements by young scientists are honoured with the support of commercial sponsors. More


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