Options for Financing Scientific Events

In January 2009 the DAAD took over the programme for the funding of conference and lecture tours from the DFG. The following institutions also offer support for scientific events in their range of funding options.


The DFG subsidises the financing of scientific events [rft] such as international conferences, symposia, congresses, workshops, specialist international conferences, annual meetings and round-table discussions and colloquiums.

BMBF - events during projects and innovation forums

It is also possible to apply for funding for meetings that are part of projects. Moreover, the BMBF offers subsidies for the new federal states for holding so-called innovation forums - two-day events similar to specialist conferences with the objective of building regional networks (innovation forums). More


With the COST initiative the EU funds, among other things, the arranging of international conferences, seminars and workshops for projects that are funded at national level. As a general rule, over a period of four years, funding amounting to 100,000 euros per year is awarded. More

Volkswagen Foundation

Subsidies for symposia, workshops and smaller conferences looking at pioneering issues or that advance fields at the limits of established knowledge, as well as events that bring together different disciplines. Also funding of summer schools that convey new knowledge that is important for the development of an area of research to up-and-coming scientists, and that enable them to build contacts over national and subject boundaries. More

Fritz Thyssen Foundation

Support for smaller scientific meetings with the objective of funding the exploration of interdisciplinary issues, cooperation between experts in different disciplines, international exchanges in a narrow subject area or the discussion and development of specific topics until publication of the jointly elaborated findings. More

German Foundation for Peace Research

The foundation funds networking and transfer projects. More

Federal Government Appointee for Culture and Media

Among other things, funding is available for international cooperation, above all in the context of specialist congresses, symposia and conferences on pertinent topics, as well as for the design and implementation of research projects provided that they deal with researching, maintaining and/or presenting German culture and history in Eastern Europe. More

Franco-German University

Funding for the holding of thematic summer schools in all areas of science and for the promotion of intercultural dialogue. More

State of Saxony-Anhalt

The state of Saxony-Anhalt funds European interregional conferences, workshops etc. More

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