According to information supplied by the Association of German Foundations (Bundesverbandes deutscher Stiftungen), at the end of 2005 there were around 13,490 independent foundations under public law in Germany. This does not include the number of dependent foundations, foundation associations and societies, and foundations under public law. During the 1980s on average 150 foundations were established every year. In terms of the grants paid out annually, according to the statistics of the Association of German Foundations, the following foundations are among the largest in Germany to offer funding for science, and particularly young scientists: Statistics

Links to foundation websites:

Alexander von Humboldt Foundation
Alfried Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach Foundation
Federal scholarship organisations promoting young talent
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Boehringer Ingelheim Fund
German Environment Foundation
German Foundation for Peace Research
Else Kröner-Fresenius Foundation
Evonik Foundation
Frankfurt maecenia Foundation
Fritz-Thyssen Foundation
Gerda-Henkel Foundation
Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz Foundation
Joachim Herz Foundations
Haniel Foundation
Hans Sauer Foundation
Herder Institute
Herold Foundation
Hertie Foundation
Industrial Research Foundation
MTZ Foundation 
Otto Benecke Foundation
Otto Brenner Foundation
Plansecur Foundation
Robert Bosch Foundation
Schering Foundation
Federal Foundation for the Support of the Gifted and Talented - Vocational Education & Training
Federal Foundation for the Study of the Communist Dictatorship in Eastern Germany
Foundations in the Association for the Promotion of Science and Humanities in Germany
Volkswagen Foundation

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Liaison officers

The following liaison officers are available to the students and staff of the university as points of contact with the DFG and various other federal foundations promoting young talent.

DFG | Prof. Dr. Andreas Nürnberger | +49 (0)391 675 8487
Konrad Adenauer Foundation | Prof. Dr. Zbigniew Antoni Styczynski | +49 (0)391 671 8866
Friedrich Ebert Foundation | Prof. Dr. Horst Gischer| +49 (0)391 671 8393
German Academic Scholarship Foundation | Prof. Dr. Gunter Saake | +49 (0)391 675 8532 
Friedrich Naumann Foundation | Prof. Dr. Andreas Wendemuth | +49 (0)391 671 8448
Friedrich Naumann Foundation | Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Paqué | +49 (0)391 671 8804
Foundation of German Business | Prof. Dr. Sprengler (BS-MD group) | +49 (0)531 391 2201
Heinrich Böll Foundation | Prof. Dr. Warnecke | +49 (0)391 671 8587
Hans Böckler Foundation | Prof. Dr. Frommberger | +49 (0) 391 67 56525
Fulbright Commisson | Prof. Dr. Holger Kersten | +49 (0) 391 67 56110

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