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The Funding & Tender Opportunities Portal is the Internet portal of the European Commission, which links all research-relevant online services to the Commission. In the public area of ​​the portal, general information, such as tenders and related legal documents, as well as the registration and the PIC search are possible. The complete handling of projects from FP7 and HORIZON 2020 can be carried out via the user-specific area of ​​the portal.
From the application to the project completion, all project-related processes are carried out via this portal. To this end, a user-specific area is available to registered members, in which project and / or organizational data can be viewed and, if necessary, edited if a corresponding authorization exists for this purpose.

When submitting the application, access to the system is possible via the respective tender page, where all documents relating to a tender can also be downloaded.

A prerequisite for the electronic submission is the registration with the European Commission via ECAS (European Commission Authentication Service), only your e-mail address is required.

Link to the ECAS registration:

When registering, please note, that you select the domain "External", otherwise the later login is not possible. Once entered in the system, login data apply not only to the current project application, but to different online offers from the European Commission.

After logging in, the "Submission Service" appears on the respective tender page. The system leads through the individual steps of the application preparation. Drafts can be saved and submitted at a later date. The application can be reworked as often as necessary until the application deadline and submitted via the "Submit a proposal" function (the previous current version is overwritten each time).

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