Sylvia Zabel

Dipl.-Sprachmittlerin Sylvia Zabel

Student Counselor
International Office (K6)
Gebäude 18, Universitätsplatz 2, 39106 Magdeburg, G18-146

Ms. Zabel is responsible for...

Study abroad advising for OVGU students
  • Advice and support for students and post-graduates wishing to undertake a semester or year of study abroad (ERASMUS and WELTWEIT exchange programmes, free movers)
  • Advice on possibilities for grants to study abroad (PROMOS, DAAD, Fulbright, and other)
  • Information concerning the recognition of subjects and grades obtained from studies abroad
Organization and support of OVGU summer schools
  • Advice for applicants to the following OVGU summer schools: Stevens Point/USA; Niigata/Japan; Ramat Gan/Israel
  • Organisation of summer school programmes
Internship abroad advising (namely IAESTE and others) for OVGU students
  • Advice and support for OVGU students of engineering and natural sciences who plan to undertake an IAESTE placement abroad
  • Advice for students seeking other internship abroad opportunities
Advising hours

General consultation on "Stays Abroad for Studies and Internships" at the Campus Service Center:
Please use our "first information" service in the CSC on Wednesdays from 11-15 h. Please also take first information from our website

Follow-up consultations with Ms. Zabel: If our first information service at CSC leaves some questions open, please contact Ms. Zabel. She offers consultation without previous appointment.

WELTWEIT consultation during the semester time (06 Apr 2020 - 17 July 2020):
Tuesday:  10 -12 a.m. and 01 - 04 p.m.
Thursday: 10 -12 a.m. and 01 - 03 p.m.
and by appointment

 ... and during the semester break (01 Feb 2020 - 02 Apr 2020):

Tuesday:  10 -12 a.m.
Thursday: 10 -12 a.m.
and by appointment

Recent changes in consultation hours:
There will be no consultation hours on Feb. 11 and 13, 2020.