Staff Unit eAdministration

The digital transformation has been taking place for several years in the university administration and management at Magdeburg University. Administrative procedures and related processes are not only being digitized, but also constantly scrutinized and optimizedThe software landscape at the university is growing and evolving continuously.

Wherever many parties are pursuing the same goal and working on solutions in parallel, there is a need for a central point where the threads come together. The eAdministration team networks and pools resources in specialist and IT areas, coordinates the implementation of digitization projects together with the departments and university management, and promotes joint dialog for the development of an administration-wide digitization strategyAt its core, the staff unit eAdministration sees itself as a multiplier and moderator in the transformation process.

In the course of digitizing administrative services within the university, the data basis for digital report generation, data analysis, and information distribution is also being specifically advanced - a clear added value for colleagues in administration as well as in research and teaching.

The mapping of strategic information management with IBM Cognos Analytics is also a subarea of the staff unit eAdministration. It accompanies conception processes with the specialist departments, technically implements new reports and visualizations with the existing analysis tools and thus contributes to the central digitization of reporting at the University of Magdeburg.

Graphics of a statistical analysis on the tablet (c) Stefan Berger Uni Magdeburg

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