Financial Statements and Accounting

OVGU sets the reimbursement level in both Research and Innovation Actions and Innovation Actions at 100% as it is a public institution and university. The overhead of 25% is mandatory.

Please ensure that the financing is adequate and evenly spread over the lifetime of your project. For more detailed advice on your budget, please contact the staff in the EU Office.

Costs in Horizon Europe are subdivided into direct and indirect costs.

Direct costs are all financial expenditures (according to Article 6.2 of the Grant Agreement) that may be assigned to the project such as personnel costs, other costs and subcontracts.

Indirect costs are (according to article 6.2 of the Grant Agreement), proportional expenditures that cannot be directly assigned to a project, but which arise in direct connection with the directly reimbursable project costs.

Both staff employed for the project and salaried personnel can be assessed as direct costs under HORIZON 2020 rules.

Only smaller activities may be outsourced and must already have been specified in the grant agreement (ANNEX I).

Examples include travel costs, consumables, equipment depreciation and auditing costs.

A flat rate of 25% of the total direct eligible costs applies to everyone.

Es sind Budgetverschiebungen mit und ohne Änderungen zum Vertrag möglich.

More information can be found on the website of the  EU University Network Saxony-Anhalt.

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