European Commission Audit

Second-level audit

Second-Level-Audit can be performed up to 2 years after the final payment by the European Commission. Therefore, all accounting records, invoices, etc. of an EU project must be kept by the partners until at least 2 years after the final payment.

Possible consequences from a negative assessment of an audit may include:

Adjustment of deliverables
Reclaiming of grants
Exclusion of grant recipients
Payment of fines

Third-level audit

In a third-level audit, the review is carried out by the European Court of Auditors, OLAF, etc.


System and Process Audit (SPA)

The aim of the system and process audit is to reduce the audit burden for the beneficiaries. Audits are conducted to determine if the facility's standard accounting practices are in compliance with the Model Grant Agreement and can be requested under the following conditions:

The institution has formalized documentation of the systems and processes used to calculate its costs and contributions,
The institution has participated in at least 150 projects under Horizon 2020 or Euratom, and
Participates in at least 3 ongoing Actions under Horizon Europe or Euratom.
The application for the SPA is possible from the 1st audit of a Horizon Europe project. There is no pre-audit.


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