Mathematisches Kolloquium

Veranstalter: FMA

Mittwoch, 26.04.2017, 17:00-19:00; G03-106 (78 Plätze)

Prof. Seth Sullivant
(North Carolina State University)


''Phylogenetic Algebraic Geometry''


The main problem in phylogenetics is to reconstruct
evolutionary relationships between collections of species, typically
represented by a phylogenetic tree. In the statistical approach to
phylogenetics, a probabilistic model of mutation is used to reconstruct
the tree that best explains the data (the data consisting of DNA
sequences from genes appearing in all species being analyzed). In
algebraic statistics, we interpret these statistical models of evolution
as geometric objects in a high-dimensional probability simplex. This
connection arises because the functions that parametrize these models
are polynomials, and hence we can consider statistical models as
algebraic varieties. The goal of the talk is to introduce this
connection and explain how the algebraic perspective leads to new
theoretical advances in phylogenetics, and also provides new research
directions in algebraic geometry. The talk material will be kept at an
introductory level, with background on both phylogenetics and algebraic


Datum: 26.04.2017, Raum: G03-106, Zeit: 17:00 Uhr

Kontakt: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Thomas Kahle

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