Academic counselling

Academic counselling is a faculty responsibility. There is a departmental subject adviser for each course of study. The advice available covers specific questions about the relevant course of study: study plan organisation, questions about examinations, individual study schedules, options to specialise, study techniques, selecting and attending classes that are appropriate to objectives, participation in projects, measuring academic achievements, changing subject or the place of study, preparing for examinations, degree variants, possible complementary courses across the faculties, anticipating examinations, etc.

The relevant departmental subject adviser is listed on the individual course page:

A to Z of courses:

The departmental subject adviser can provide advice to students throughout their studies. Key times when advice may be required:

  • At the start of studies and at the end of the first year
  • When basic studies are finished
  • Before and after work placements or other practical professional activities within the course of study
  • At the start of project work and dissertations
  • When preparing for studying for a time at another university in Germany or abroad
  • If intending to change degree programme/subject

If advice is required, we recommend contacting the adviser and arranging an appointment. It may also be possible to visit them during their office hours.

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