One-off energy payment

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The federal law on the payment of the one-off energy payment (Energiepreispauschale) for students (EPPSG), which came into force on 21.12.2022, provides financial support for all students who were enrolled at an institution of higher education in Germany on the deadline of 01.12.2022. These can apply for the payment of 200 euros until 30.09.2023 (deadline). Entitled are also doctoral students, foreign students and students on leave from their studies.

Guest students, students of the Studienkollegs and students of the cooperative study programs are not allowed to apply.

Furthermore, only students who had their place of residence or habitual residence in the Federal Republic of Germany on 01.12.2022 are able to apply. Students who were living abroad on this deadline are not entitled.

Since the University of Magdeburg is participating in a pilot phase, students of the OVGU can already apply for the one-off energy payment (Energiepreispauschale). Therefore the OVGU has transmitted a list of all students enrolled and legally entitled on the deadline date in coded form to the responsible application agency.


How students can apply for the one-off energy payment (Energiepreispauschale)

You need these documents for the request

  • A BundID user account - see step 1.
  • An access code (Zuganscode) and, if necessary, a PIN from OVGU (both can be found in the MyOVGU portal) - see step 2


STEP 1: Set up BundID user account

All entitled students first have to set up a BundID user account. The BundID is a federal user account and is used to identify citizens*. You will not be able to apply without this account.

There are two options to set up the BundID account online:

  1. Registration with your own username, password and email address
    We recommend this procedure, especially for international students.

    A trouble-free payment of the one-off energy payment (Energiepreispauschale) is only possible if the data from the MyOVGU portal, which OVGU has transmitted in coded form to the central payment agency, and the data in your BundID account are the same. Therefore, it is very important that you check which data is in your MyOVGU portal and use it to create your BundID account. After logging into the MyOVGU portal, you can see all application-relevant data on the homepage that is being saved in the system and has been transmitted to the central agency - especially important is the information on first name/s, last name and date of birth. If there is a "+" by your first name in the My-OVGU portal, also enter your last name in your BUND ID account in place of your first name.

    Important: You will need this username and password again later on the application website in step 3.

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  2. Authentication with the online ID function on the new ID card or electronic residence permit, the European eID or with a personal ELSTER certificate


STEP 2: Get legitimation data via MyOVGU portal.

Depending on which of the two methods described in step 1 for creating the BundID user account you chose, you will need to successfully submit your application

  • an access code (Zugangscode) AND a PIN (= 1st method) OR
  • only an access code (Zugangscode) (= 2nd method)

Both you can find in your MyOVGU portal. You have already been informed in an e-mail from the OVGU that this legitimation data is now available.

The access code (Zugangscode) for the application is provided directly on the homepage.

The PIN (Varinate 1), which may be required additionally, is provided via a separate PDF, which you can find on the homepage under "Reports". You have to print this PDF.

*click the picture to zoom

Screenshot My OVGU Portal



Also, former students who were still enrolled on the deadline of 01.12.2022 and thus are entitled to apply, but have already exmatriculated, currently continue to have access to the MyOVGU portal for a maximum of 6 months.


STEP 3: Submit application

Once you have found the access code (Zugangscode), and PIN if necessary, on your MyOVGU-Portal, you can submit the application for the one-off energy payment (Energiepreispauschale). The link to the request site can also be found in the MyOVGU portal. The website is currently only available in German.

The money will then be automatically transferred to your bank account. Payment is only possible via the IBAN system in the SEPA zone. The application for the one-off energy payment (Energiepreispauschale) is made by the students themselves and only via the website. It is not possible to apply by any other methods. The application is possible until 30.09.2023 at the latest (deadline).


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Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg is only indirectly involved in this application process. Please note that the application and payment will not be made by the OVGU. Please also understand that the OVGU can neither provide information on the status of the application process nor influence it. We assume that in the case of any confusion, the central agency responsible for approval and payment in Saxony-Anhalt will contact us or the applicants directly.


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