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What are the further plans for the summer semester 2020?

With the start of the lecture period on 6 April, the OVGU has established and further expanded online offers in teaching. The summer semester will continue to be mainly digital. Presence lectures can be held at the university from 4 May onwards, if it is necessary for didactic or content reasons.

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Which courses will be available at the university from 4 May?

Courses in classroom operation will continue to be the exception from 4 May onwards. In general, they are only possible if didactically or content-wise necessary, and only under strict hygienic conditions. The Ministry of Science issued an order to this effect on 3 May. At present, concepts are being worked out for attendance courses and examinations. The faculties and the university management will agree on the concrete attendance events and their start with the help of a priority list.

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Will my courses in the summer semester be held as online courses?

The teaching staff of the university is intensively engaged in developing supplementary, alternative or substitute formats for the time when no face-to-face events can take place. The form in which these offers are made available (teaching videos, extended scripts, live streams, chat rooms...) depends on the respective subject culture, the learning goals of the individual modules, but also on the resources available. Please have a look at the LSF or contact your lecturer! Regarding possible attendance events please look here.

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What effects will these postponements have on examinations in the summer semester 2020?

The examination schedule for the summer semester 2020 has already been worked on and planned for months. Information on deadlines will be communicated via your student e-mail or via the websites of the examination offices of the faculties. Please save the website of your examination office as a bookmark and check it regularly for updates. All information is subject to resolutions/changes by the Ministry of Economics, Science and Digitization and the University of Magdeburg. For the examinations of the summer semester 2020, it can be assumed until further notice that the examination periods will essentially be adhered to as provided for in the 2019/2020 academic year schedule.

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Will this postpone the end of the 2020 summer semester?

The postponement of the start of lectures to May 4, 2020 should not result in an extension of the lecture time in the summer semester. However, this situation is related to the overall situation in Germany and is subject to change.

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Will the start of the 2020/21 winter semester be delayed?

In a press release issued at the beginning of April, the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK) recommended postponing the start of lectures for the winter semester 2020/21 to November 1. The KMK cannot decide anything binding for the universities; it can only make recommendations. The universities themselves are responsible for determining the course of the academic year. The winter semester 2020/21 will start on 01 October as usual at the OVGU. At present, no later start of lectures is planned for the OVGU. Of course, nobody can foresee what might change in the coming months.

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When will the examinations of the winter semester 2019/20 be made up?

For examinations from the winter semester 2019/20, the Examination Offices are currently working together with the Department of Student Affairs to develop a concept that will enable as many examinations as possible to be held by the regular end of the lecture period of the summer semester 2020. It may be necessary to hold examinations on Saturdays as well.

Important: For the newly set dates in the summer semester, confirmation must be provided, as the registration for the actual examination date has lost its validity. Students will receive further information on this process as soon as new examination dates have been set.

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Will there be exams and tests?

From 4 May 2020, examinations may in principle be held at the university again. However, these will only be allowed to be carried out under strict hygienic conditions, which are still being developed. The examination dates will be organised by the faculties. For more information, please refer to the corresponding portals, the websites of your faculties or your examination office. We ask for your understanding that examinations can only be organised gradually and that we cannot make any more concrete statements at present.

Specific hygiene standards must be taken into account when conducting tests. These can be found in the information sheet for teachers and students.

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Are there oral examinations?

Oral examinations can be carried out in sufficiently large rooms in compliance with the rules of distance. Only the student to be examined, the examiner and the assessor take part in the examination.
For examinations from the winter semester 2019/20, which could not take place so far due to the Corona Pandemic, students must be informed promptly whether their registration for the examination still exists or whether they must re-register for individual examinations.

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Will Bachelor's, Master's or PhD examination be cancelled?

Bachelor's and Master's defences/colloquia can be held provided that only the student and the required number of examiners participate and that the necessary room size/spacing is provided.
The university public of such examinations can be established via digital media e.g. a video conference, livestream or similar. The DSGVO must be observed. Students should contact their examiners and the responsible examination office by phone or e-mail.

Final examinations for PhDs, master's and bachelor's theses can be taken if all of the following requirements are fulfilled:

  • Only the student and the minimum required number of examiners may participate in the examinations (individual examination). Exams in seminar form are not permitted. The same applies to public attendance.
  • Both the examiners and the students must initially agree to the examination. In the event that students or examiners are not prepared to take the examination for health reasons, the examination must be postponed.
  • The examiners must ensure that the required safety distances are maintained. The minimum distance of two meters must be maintained between two persons.
  • Both examiners and students must not show any suspected symptoms of corona disease. Suspected symptoms are in particular:
    • a) influenza-like signs of infection, b) previous travel to risk areas, c) contact with infected persons

All relevant service instructions must be observed.

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Do I have to deregister myself from registered examinations?

Registration will remain legally valid, only the dates will change. The existing legal examination relationship with the OVGU continues to exist. New examination dates should be announced as soon as possible. The exact procedure is currently being reviewed. If you wish to withdraw from the examination, please contact your responsible examination office.

Changes will be communicated via your student e-mail address or via the websites of the examination offices of the faculties. Please save the website of your examination office as a bookmark and check it regularly for updates.

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Are the deadlines for term papers and theses extended by postponing the semester?

No, the deadlines for term papers and theses are not automatically extended by the postponement of the start of the semester

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Which university facilities will be reopened?

The following facilities will gradually resume operation from May 4, 2020

  • All examination offices of the faculties
  • Student secretariats
  • Campus Service Center
  • International Office
  • Promotion Office
  • Sports Center (with limited courses)
  • University Library

All other facilities can be reached as usual by e mail or telephone.

Lecturers are not present during consultation hours and should be contacted by e mail or phone.

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Can I validate my student card?

You can still validate your student card.

You will find further validation stations in the following buildings:

  • Building 06 (entrance area)

Important: Due to the location at the University Hospital, students of the Medical Faculty are also requested to visit the main campus for validation.

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What do I have to do when I enter Germany?

Drive directly to your accommodation and enter a 14-day quarantine. Inform the Magdeburg health authority about your arrival.

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Where can I submit applications for study organization?

Applications for enrolment or de-registration and other written correspondence concerning the organisation of studies can be dropped in the letterbox in front of building 9 (Security Service). Attention: Please use the red mailbox with the Otto-von-Guericke logo, not the letterbox of the Biberpost! In addition, you can also send these applications by post to the relevant institutions.

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Where can I hand in my homework or final papers?

Some examination offices have mailboxes in which you can throw homework. It is also possible to use the mailbox in front of building 9 (security service). Please note: Use the red mailbox with the Otto-von-Guericke logo, not the beaver mailbox! In addition, you can also send these chores by mail to the responsible institutions. Please try to meet the deadlines set! You'll find more infos online on the Website of our Campus Service Center.

For the submission of final theses please contact your responsible examination office in advance!

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Can final theses be registered at the examination office?

Yes, registration is possible. At the examination offices, registration is currently only possible by post or e-mail. A list of the examination offices can be found here.

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I am provisionally enrolled in the Master and must submit proof of my Bachelor's degree by 15.06. Due to the postponement of the start of the semester, I cannot meet this deadline.

The deadline for submitting the certificate is extended to 15 July. If you have completed your studies by then (Corona-conditioned) but still have not received a certificate, we could extend the deadline individually. In this case you would have to send an e-mail to the Registrar's Office and enclose proof from the Examinations Office that you did not receive the certificate through no fault of your own.

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What regulations are there for internships or traineeships that cannot be carried out?

Information on internships, traineeships, etc. is communicated via your student e-mail or via the websites of the examination offices of the faculties. Please save the website of your examination office as a bookmark and check it regularly for updates.

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Is the university library closed?

The University Library has resumed operations under special conditions. Some offers of the UB can be used! Further informations can be found here.

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Can I break off my studies abroad without any disadvantages?

In case of an Erasmus+ stay abroad:
Students who go to the regions concerned to complete an Erasmus+ stay and then abandon it, will receive their Erasmus grant for the days spent abroad or the costs incurred if they return early, even if the minimum duration is not reached.

If you are already abroad to study, please inform your examination office in case you wish to drop out and ask your questions about the possible recognition of subjects and grades in this special case. If you have any (travel) organizational questions, please contact the International Office. (E-Mail).

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Do I receive financial support from the university?

As Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg we want to show that we are there for our students even in the current situation and that we understand their needs and take them seriously. Together with the Society of Friends and Sponsors of the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg e.V., the University of Magdeburg collects donations for an emergency fund to help students. From this fund, they can receive a one-time grant of 450 Euros to cover their living expenses so that they can be supported at short notice. Detailed information can be found here.

The OVGU's scholarship programmes also offer a possibility for financial support. The Germany Scholarship supports high-performing and socially committed students for at least two semesters with 300 euros per month. It is financed proportionately by the federal government and the sponsoring companies.

The Company Scholarship is advertised twice a year by companies in Saxony-Anhalt. These companies define the award criteria and support scholarship holders with at least 300 euros per month. Applications for both scholarships are currently possible from June 1 to July 15, 2020 via the scholarship portal.

The Family Scholarship supports OVGU students with families in the final semester with 300 euros per month for half a year. The application for the winter semester 2020/21 is possible until 15 July 2020 by e-mail to ovgundfamilie@ovgu.de.

Further information about the scholarships at the OVGU can be found here.

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Are the semester fees refunded?

No, the semester fees are a fixed rate. Furthermore, the semester is temporarily held online, so there is no need for a refund.

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Are canteens and cafeterias closed?

From 18.03.2020, all canteens and cafeterias on the campus of the Otto-von-Guericke university and the medical faculty of Magdeburg will be closed. Further information can be found on the website of the Studentenwerk Magdeburg.

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