Events at the University

Last modification: 08.05.2020 / 10:45 am

2m distance between persons must be observed

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), mass events contribute to the faster spread of the virus. A necessity test must therefore be carried out for all events to determine whether the event must be held. It should be examined whether digital events can be offered on the net as a substitute (e.g. telephone/video conference, Skype, etc.). Depending on the individual case, it may be necessary to cancel, postpone or reorganize the event.

The decision as to whether an event is necessary is made by the management of the respective institution or department, or by the Dean of the Faculty, if necessary, in consultation with the university management.

You can find detailed information in the following document: ‘General Principles of Risk Assessment and Recommended Action for Major Events’ from Robert Koch Institute.

With immediate effect, the following must be observed for events (except courses):

  • With immediate effect, participant lists (family name, first name, institution, e-mail) must be kept for meetings, events or sessions so that potential contact persons can be identified quickly afterwards.
  • Persons from risk areas as designated by the RKI are not permitted to participate in events on the premises of the University of Magdeburg. The event should either be cancelled completely or the persons concerned should be asked not to attend. The organizer is required to point out in advance that persons who have visited risk areas may not participate in the event. Participants must also be informed that there is an increased risk of infection due to participants from other countries.
  • Otherwise, events can in principle continue to be held if the ratio between the expected number of participants and the space available in the event rooms allows sufficient distance between those attending; for this purpose, the rooms and conditions on site must be checked. Venue occupancy rates of no more than ¼ of the available seats or an average (minimum) distance of 2 m to the next person must be maintained. The instructions issued by the RKI apply. A sufficient safety distance must be maintained and any ‘crowding’ avoided at the entrance, the cloakroom, etc. Room allocations for events that are to take place in a period up to the end of May should be checked in advance (see minimum distance and number of persons in relation to room size).

These rules apply from Wednesday, March 11, 2020, until further notice. Any new rule will be explicitly notified through a new instruction.

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