Notes on how to handle mobile work

27.01.2021 -  

You have read and heard about the measures to extend restrictions to combat the Corona pandemic. What does that mean for our university? We are still in stage 4 of our gradual plan. Previously, the recommendation was to make use of mobile work (home office) options and, if necessary, to create the conditions for this.

With the regulation in effect as of today, the federal level has issued regulations on mobile work (home office) that also affect the University.

Therefore, all structural units are requested to expand the possibilities of mobile work (home office) as far as the official concerns allow it. If activities are suitable for mobile work, employees are to be encouraged to perform them in mobile work (home office) as well. The aim is to further minimize business contacts. If employees apply for mobile working, the application must be granted unless there are urgent business reasons for not doing so.

If presence at the workplace is necessary, small, non-rotating work groups must be formed as far as possible.

If it is necessary for several people to use a room at the same time, then 10 square meters must be available per person according to the current BMAS regulation. This means that a maximum of four people may work in a 40 sq. m. room.

For occupational groups that cannot work at home, it must still be ensured that minimum distances or individual workplaces are provided. If this is not possible, there is now an obligation to work in enclosed spaces with at least medical face masks. These medical face masks are provided by the employer.

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