New hygiene measures for University

30.10.2020 -  

The federal and state agreements of Wednesday also have an impact on the universities in the state. On Thursday, the university management of Saxony-Anhalt agreed in close consultation with the state government to continue the winter semester in hybrid form in general. Nevertheless, the additional, temporary measures to contain the coronavirus from Monday, November 2, 2020, will also lead to necessary adjustments at the University of Magdeburg. In general, the existing hygiene concept of the University of Magdeburg remains valid.

To evaluate the current infection situation and the measures to be derived from it, a 5-step plan will be introduced at the University of Magdeburg in the coming week. The individual steps will be defined by setting a threshold value at the University and a resulting assessment of the overall situation. The university management will inform about the detailed contents and stages at the beginning of the coming week.

Employees and students of the Faculty of Medicine are kindly requested to inform themselves about the separate regulations on the websites or intranet of the University Hospital. The duty of care for employees and patients leads to more stringent regulations. Furthermore, the AHA-C-L rules must be observed: Distance, hygiene, face mask, corona warning app and ventilation. In addition, the reporting chain must be observed in the event of a corona infection.

Hygiene measures from November 2, 2020:

  • The number of participants for classroom teaching will be reduced to a maximum of 100 persons. All further attendance and hybrid events will take place under the given hygiene rules (e.g. compulsory masks during the events).
  • The mask obligation on campus will be extended to the following areas:
    • Library and cafeteria area
    • Denhardt-Straße (route from Campus Service Center to building 22)
  • Group formations with more than 5 persons are to be avoided on the campus area. Also outdoors, keep your distance and wear a mouth and nose protector if distances cannot be maintained.
  • Meetings with more than 5 people must be virtual. This applies to meetings/meetings within the framework of research activities as well as to meetings of student groups (e.g. study groups).
  • Attendance meetings outside of teaching and research activities must be cancelled. Affected by this are also offers or meetings of student initiatives, university groups, associations and university music.
  • The offers of the Sports Center will not be continued in November.
  • University rooms will no longer be made available for external events.
  • The university library will remain open.
  • Contrary to initial information and on the basis of the 2nd amendment to the Containment Ordinance for Saxony-Anhalt, the canteen will be closed from Monday. From 2 November is an to go service available.

Information for employees:

  • Continuing education for university employees takes place virtually.
  • Presence work on campus will continue to be the main focus. Mobile working or shifted working hours are primarily carried out to protect employees who belong to a risk group and who are also particularly at risk according to the company doctor, pregnant women with contact to the public or in teaching, and possibly those commuting from risk areas.
  • Business trips to domestic or foreign risk areas or hotspots are only permitted if they are absolutely necessary for business reasons.Reporting chain for corona infection:

Reporting chain for corona infection:

The University of Magdeburg is to be informed immediately in case of a COVID-19 infection or if OVGU members are category I patients. Please inform the dean's office of your faculty and report your case via the mail address !

As contact persons of category I are considered:
(close contact with higher risk of infection)

  • Frequent contact with people with at least 15 minutes of face-to-face contact, e.g. during a conversation. This includes, for example, people from cohabiting households in the same household.
  • Persons with direct contact with secretions or body fluids, especially respiratory secretions of a confirmed COVID-19 case, e.g. kissing, contact with vomit, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, coughing, sneezing, etc.
  • Persons who, according to a risk assessment by the responsible public health department, were most likely exposed to a relevant concentration of aerosols (e.g. celebrating, singing together or doing sports indoors).

Last Modification: 02.11.2020 - Contact Person: Dr.rer.nat. Volker-Uwe Kirbs