Further restrictions at the University of Magdeburg

04.11.2020 -  

From Monday, November 9, 2020, there will be further restrictions at the University of Magdeburg to prevent the spread of the corona pandemic.

Dear lecturers,
dear students,
dear employees of the OVGU,

The corona pandemic is currently challenging us all. It is considered virologically and epidemiologically very dynamic and complex. In the weeks ahead, we will all have to show a lot of patience, caution and mutual consideration in the Otto-von-Guericke University as well, when it comes to classroom teaching and examinations. The requirement for the coming weeks is to further reduce the number of contacts on our campus and still guarantee you acceptable teaching, research and study conditions.

Five-step plan at the University of Magdeburg

As already communicated in advance, the OVGU will have a gradual plan which will be adapted and published this week after a consultation of the university crisis management team on Thursday. Last Monday, an agreement was already reached with the deaneries and deans of studies of all faculties in order to find a uniform and consensual solution for all.

Further restrictions on classroom teaching

Currently, stage II of this step plan applies to the campuses Universitätsplatz and Zschokkestraße. In order to prevent and support the strategy of the Federal Government and the state governments to contain the pandemic, there will be further restrictions on classroom teaching from Monday, November 09th, 2020, when stage III comes into force. From then on, all lectures are to be held in an online format - seminars, exercises, tutorials or practical courses can - where necessary - take place in classroom teaching under the applicable hygiene regulations.

Lecturers and students at the Faculty of Medicine please note the separately applicable regulations at the University Hospital/Campus on Leipziger Straße. Here, too, we are in close contact with each other.

Further measures or relaxation possible

The review and associated reassessment of the applicable measures will take place with the participation of the faculties by the end of November. It cannot be ruled out that, due to a change in the local infection rate or new political decisions in December, either further restrictions (stage IV - complete conversion to digital teaching) or loosening of the regulations may be necessary. The declared goal of locally less than 50 new infections in 7 days/100,000 inhabitants would be an important decision criterion for the university.

Mensa and cafeterias open

In addition, a 2nd regulation amending the 8th Containment Ordinance of Saxony-Anhalt has been published, according to which the following applies: The refectories on the unicampus and the Kellercafé will be open for direct consumption exclusively for students and university staff from Wednesday, November 4th, 2020. The same applies to the cafeterias. Guests of the university can only use cafeterias for a to-go service.

As much as our campus invites you to a variety of encounters in autumn and winter and as much as university life in teaching and research thrives on direct academic and personal exchange, we would nevertheless like to urge you all to limit your presence on campus for the month of November to the necessary stays and to make full use of the possibilities of digital communication.

Regardless of all restrictions and challenges, we are confident that our university community will successfully meet the challenges ahead with great mutual understanding and respect.

We would like to thank you for your cooperation, commitment and understanding!


Yours sincerely,

Jens Strackeljan and Susanne Schmidt

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