Mentors for Ukrainian Students and Scientists wanted

05.04.2022 -  

Dear university members,
dear teachers,
dear students,

the war in Ukraine has been going on for five weeks. And the images that have reached us in the last few days from the ravaged cities and villages show us the inhumanity of what is happening, the great suffering of the Ukrainian population, vividly and unmistakably.

But for the past five weeks, a great wave of aid has also started: in Europe, in Germany, in Magdeburg and on the university campus. The offers that we as a university community can make to our Ukrainian students and visiting scientists are increasing: we can provide short-term housing, help with enrollment or German courses, ensure that those in need and under these difficult personal conditions receive support, can integrate and gain a foothold.

As a university, however, we also provide bridging assistance. Because before state measures take effect, social benefits or housing are available, those seeking help need fast and unbureaucratic support. For this period, i.e. the few days or weeks in which the affected students or academics have not yet arrived in the state support structures, the immediate need is great in parts. At the same time, there is often a lack of orientation, language skills or knowledge of the authority structures in Germany. Therefore, we would like to ask you today:

Become short-term sponsors for Ukrainians!

Support students, prospective students, and visiting scholars in their dealings with the authorities, invest a few hours a week to accompany them, for example, to view apartments or deal with the authorities, show them around the city, be a familiar contact person, and make them aware of other assistance offered by the city or OVGU, such as the free provision of meal vouchers for the refectory or very practical things like SIM cards.

If you would like to sponsor a student, please contact Ms. Reena Schliephake at the International Office.

Donate to our emergency fund

We can only provide these offers as a university community because donations reach our emergency fund "GUERICKE helps!" every day. It is only through these donations, every contribution, no matter how small, that we are able to provide immediate and unbureaucratic help to people fleeing a senseless but increasingly brutal war. As of today, 24,000 euros have already been received. Money that, according to clear but low-threshold criteria, will help many people in need to bridge the short-term financial gap.

On behalf of the entire university administration, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment!

Yours Jens Strackeljan

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