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Mentors for Ukrainian Students and Scientists wanted

05.04.2022 -

As a university, we provide quick and unbureaucratic assistance to Ukrainian students and scientists until government measures take effect. For this short period of time, in which the affected persons have not yet arrived in the state support structures, the immediate need is great in parts. At the same time, they often lack orientation, language skills or knowledge of the official structures in Germany. That is why we are looking for sponsors to support Ukrainians in this process.

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Online workshops "War in Ukraine"

28.03.2022 -

In the context of the war in Ukraine, there are currently many aid campaigns and also fundraising activities in which university members, but also the University of Magdeburg directly, are involved. However, this uncertain time also triggers worries, fears and anxieties in many people. In order to be able to help on this level as well, the university is offering two online events for all employees and students.

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State Rectors' Conference of Saxony-Anhalt condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine

11.03.2022 -

The State Rectors' Conference of Saxony-Anhalt condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine in the strongest possible terms. Immediately after the invasion of the troops of the Russian Federation, the universities of our state-wide network showed solidarity with Ukraine and expressed their individual perspectives in official statements.

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Engagement for Ukraine

07.03.2022 -

Students, researchers and employees of the university are part of an initiative that became active a few days ago and is organizing help for Ukraine in Magdeburg. They are collecting important material donations and taking them to Ukraine; a donation fund has also been set up. (The article is only available in German.)

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Call for support for war refugees from Ukraine

04.03.2022 -

The situation in Ukraine is getting more dramatic by the day and we as a university community are very concerned about the development for all those who are affected by this war. As a university, we would like to support those affected to the extent that we can. A crisis team has just been formed, in which - not least thanks to the great commitment of Ukrainian university members - rapid assistance will be coordinated and urgencies sorted as of now.

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Letter of Support for Ukrainian Colleagues and Universities

04.03.2022 -

The EU Green network, which includes the University of Magdeburg, expresses its collective solidarity with the people of Ukraine on behalf of all rectors. Through the EU GREEN project, 9 universities are working together to promote European values and democracy. In this terrible moment, these values are more important than ever.

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DAAD restricts academic exchange with Russia

25.02.2022 -

Following the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is restricting its exchange with the Russian Federation. At the same time, the exchange organisation is sticking to its long-standing partner institutions in Russia.

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DFG Takes Steps in Response to Russian Attack on Ukraine

02.03.2022 -

The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) is suspending all its funded research projects between academics from Germany and Russia with immediate effect. What is more, funding proposals for new collaborative projects and renewal proposals for ongoing projects will not be accepted until further notice. By taking these steps, the DFG is supporting the German government’s consistent action in response to Russian aggression. At the same time, the DFG is aware of the drastic effects of these measures and deeply regrets them from the academic perspective.

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Russische Wissenschaftler und Journalisten bekennen sich öffentlich gegen den Krieg

24.02.2022 -

Russian scientists and scientific journalists have written an open letter against the so-called "special operation" of Russian troops in Ukraine. Since the media in Russia are subject to strict censorship, only the signatures are currently published. However, the letter can be found on the Internet by searching for "open letter of Russian scientists and science journalists".

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Application for bridge funding now possible

12.04.2022 -

As of now, Ukrainian prospective students, students, doctoral candidates and visiting academics can apply for bridging aid from the "GUERICKE helps" donation fund. The emergency fund of the University of Magdeburg provides a one-time bridging loan of max. 450 euros to Ukrainians in need.

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