Teacher Training for Secondary School


Teacher Training for Secondary School

Degree Conferred Master of Education (M.Ed.) Duration 4 Semesters Enrollment Winter-/Sommersemester (nur in begründeten Fällen) Admission restriction Restricted admission for some subjects Entry requirements A completed Bachelors degree in Vocational Education with the profile business and engineering education in the subject of business or engineering at Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg or a completed degree in a relevant Bachelors course with at least 60 CP (decided on a case-by-case basis). A completed degree in a relevant, undergraduate-level course of studies in business or engineering at a university within the scope of the German Higher Education Framework Act (decided on a case-by-case basis). Completion of introductory studies in educational sciences and in the selected teaching subjects must be demonstrated; in the case of students for whom these areas have not formed part of their studies to date, they may be specified as per regulations and obtained retrospectively by following an individual study programme. Sport is a restricted admission subject which requires successful completion of an aptitude test and a silver life saving certificate issued by the Deutsche Lebensrettungsgesellschaft (German Life Saving Association, DLRG) or the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (German Red Cross, DRK), Wasserwacht (Water Rescue Service). Where both conditions have already been met for the Bachelors degree course, this shall be recognised.. Application deadline     German applicants   an der OVGU September 15     International applicants   an der OVGU July 15 Language German


The course of studies will cover one of the two teaching subjects of engineering or business, which may be combined with one of the additional teaching subjects of ethics, computer science, mathematics, German, social studies (only in combination with engineering) and sport. Possible subject combinations: Major: engineering may be combined with one of the following minor subjects: Ethics, mathematics, social studies, German or sport (N.C.). Major: business may be combined with one of the following minor subjects: Ethics, mathematics, German, sport (N.C.).


The course prepares graduates for teaching posts in secondary schools. In so doing, the emphasis is placed on consolidating educational science, specialist academic and teaching methodology knowledge. The course focuses particularly on the field of career orientation and advice. In this respect, students are provided with the capacity to develop the career development prospects of their pupils and to systematically foster them. In order to be able to appropriately prepare students for independent, responsible and thorough teaching activity, Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg is committed to delivering practice-oriented teacher training. The teaching practice part of the course, which is extensive both in terms of time and content (practical teaching studies, practical placement semester), enables that which has been learned during the university course to be tested and reflected upon in a practical setting. The academic degree of “Master of Education” qualifies the holder for admission to a doctoral studies programme.

Career Perspectives

Primarily the Master’s degree course prepares graduates for working as teachers in secondary schools. They also acquire skills that enable them to work as academic staff in universities or educational institutions or take on advisory and development activities in the teaching aids sector (textbooks, technical documentation, experimentation systems, laboratory design and more) including new media. Roles in the field of business or engineering education research are also possible.

Competencies and Interests Required

Successful completion of the Master’s degree is a requirement for the admission to the state teaching practice for the role of teaching in secondary schools. It is expected that students will have an interest in teaching the subjects of engineering or business in combination with an additional subject, working with young people and teaching and research in an interesting pedagogical field of activity.

More information

Prospective students who hope to become secondary school teachers in business or engineering should initially opt for the Bachelor’s course in vocational education with a “business and engineering education” profile in order to join the “Master of Education in Teaching in Secondary Schools” course once it has been successfully completed. Lateral entry is in accordance with the admission requirements. Further information is available from: www.ibbp.ovgu.de/ueberblick/lehrstuehle/technische_bildung_und_ihre_didaktik.html

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