Awarded: The best graduates 2022

For some students, learning has paid off twice: They belong to the best graduates of their faculties and receive special awards. Laurenz Stellmach is one of them. For his bachelor's degree with a grade of 1.1, he is being honored as the best graduate of 2022 at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

Laurenz's start into his studies was rather bumpy, as he himself admits: "Compared to school, everything seemed very big and complicated to me at first. I remember the preliminary courses in mathematics and mechanics and thinking, what am I actually studying here?" Thanks to the introductory week, he quickly got to know fellow students for which studying was just as new and overwhelming.

Together, the doubts were soon overcome, and Laurenz discovered his enthusiasm for mechanics: "The lecture that I enjoyed the most was actually the one on technical mechanics. Firstly, because I found the topic very intriguing and secondly, because the lecturer made the course very interesting." In addition to his studies, he works as a student assistant at the Institute of Mechanics and also leads the exercise on technical mechanics there. Commitment that pays off, because Laurenz receives a Germany scholarship for his very good academic performance.

Even after completing his bachelor's degree, the mechanical engineer remains a the university to do his master's studies. His advice to the students of tomorrow: "Find your own rhythm when studying. And ask questions, no matter how silly they may seem to you! By asking questions, you'll show interest in what's being taught and signal to the lecturers whether you've understood them or not."

Congratulations to all the best graduates of 2022!


The best graduates 2022

Faculty of Mechancial Engineering

Best Bachelor graduate
Best Master graduate
Laurenz Stellmach Henning Peitzmeier
Mechanical Engineering Integrated Design Engineering

Faculty of Process and Systems Engineering

Best Bachelor graduate
Best Master graduate
Xenia Becker Marcus Gapinski
Process Engineering Chemical Engineering

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Best Bachelor graduate Best Master graduate
Pauline Mothes Janine Hürtgen
Medical Systems Engineering Medical Systems Engineering

Faculty of Computer Science

Best Bachelor graduates Best Master graduate
Theo Langer Tonia Mielke
Computer Systems in Engineering Computer Science

Faculty of Mathematics

Best Bachelor graduates Best Master graduate
Arian Görges Kirill Kukharenko und Stephen Schüürhuis
Mathematics Mathematics and Statistics

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Best Bachelor graduate Best Master graduate
Mara Mosbacher Florian Laurenz
Psychology Physics

Faculty of Human Sciences

Best Bachelor graduate Best Master graduate
Leon Senger Lena Klos
European Studies German Studies

Faculty of Economics and Management

Best Bachelor graduate Best Master graduate
Ida Gille Laura Sofie Westrum
International Management International Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship

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