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Funding from the university's innovation fund

Saxony-Anhalt post-graduate funding

  • Funding objective: Doctorates
  • Contact Uni Magdeburg: Ms Kolbe, Administration K 31, Tel. +49 (0)391 67-58839
  • OVGU - administrative circular regarding funding policies and amounts dated 5.7.2016
  • Note: Possibility of top-up funding by the DAAD for short study trips abroad.

OVGU's EU incentive system

The university offers support in preparation for projects under HORIZON 2020 [The following measures still relate to FP7, new support measures are planned]

  • Inception, preparation and partner identification trips with up to 1,000 euros per trip plus the organisation of preparatory meetings at the university with up to 500 euro grants.
  • Furthermore, the university provides funding for the support of coordinators for projects in the research framework programme for the employment of a research assistant for up to 50% FTE. This applies for the application stage and for a period of a maximum of 3 months. Should the coordinator be invited by the EU to take part in contract negotiations, this financing may be extended by 6 months.
  • Applications: informal application to the Vice President for Research, Technology and Equal Opportunities

Completion grants for doctoral students facing extraordinary familial pressures

The completion grant will be paid for up to three months. Applications are conditional on the proven existence of extraordinary familial pressures plus the completion of the work in the required time period.

Postdoc-Brückenförderung für Wissenschaftlerinnen

Durch die Forschungsförderung sollen promovierte Wissenschaftlerinnen ermutigt werden, ihre wissenschaftliche Arbeit an der Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg i. d. R. innerhalb von 5 Jahren nach der Promotion fortzusetzen. Ihnen wird damit die Möglichkeit eingeräumt, selbstständig oder unter Anleitung einer qualifizierten Wissenschaftlerin/eines qualifizierten Wissenschaftlers ein umgrenztes Forschungsvorhaben zu planen und vorzubereiten.

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International Office

OVGU Faculty of Medicine

  • Funding Doctoral candidates programme, science awards, prizes, Neuro Network

Equal opportunities

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