Spending part of their degree course abroad is desirable for many students and expensive, at least more expensive than a comparable period at their home university. Allow for at least 1,000 per month and plan in good time! You can expect to incur the following costs:

  • possible costs for proof of knowledge of English language TOEFL test (240 US$ as of 2011);
  • visa costs (up to 300 depending on destination country);
  • new passport or passport extension where necessary;
  • costs for immunisation/immunisation certificate;
  • travel costs;
  • accommodation costs (highly variable, but usually up to US$ 600 per month). On-campus housing is often not subsidised and is more expensive than a student room at home. In many places shared two-bed rooms are usual. If you wish to live alone, you must expect to pay more.
  • Costs for foreign health insurance, which - depending on your programme - must either be taken out compulsorily at the host university or be taken out in advance in Germany (at least 400 for ten months);
  • registration fees (approx. US$ 75 to 200);
  • depending on the region and exchange rate, possible higher living costs;
  • costs for travelling in the host country.

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