The Emergency Fund for Ukrainian Students and Researchers

The war in Ukraine continues unabated. Thousands of refugees are reaching Germany, almost 2,000 mainly women and children have also arrived in Magdeburg and are being supported with the most basic necessities. Our thoughts are with all those who are affected by this war; our solidarity goes out to the entire Ukrainian population.

We at the University of Magdeburg are especially committed to supporting our 115 Ukrainian students, visiting scholars and university partners. Among other things, they do not have access to financial resources because they have run into difficulties due to the loss of assistance from their home country or a longer stay in Germany as a result.

In order to be able to help them as quickly and unbureaucratically as possible, we are using our emergency aid fund, which was successfully launched during the Corona crisis.

Please donate!

We appreciate any support for our project and would like to encourage you as university members, partners as well as friends and supporters of the University of Magdeburg to make a financial donation for the affected persons in need. All donations, regardless of the amount, will be forwarded to this persons who need help. The donations will be used as financial support or as scholarships for refugee Ukrainian students or guest researchers.

Help us to help! Your donations will benefit students and researchers who are in need due to the current situation and can no longer finance part of their living expenses.


Prospective students, students and guest researchers can now apply for bridging aid from the "Guericke helps" emergency fund. In this way, Magdeburg University provides fast, uncomplicated and unbureaucratic help.

The emergency fund "GUERICKE helps!" of the University of Magdeburg and the Society of Friends and Sponsors is intended to help alleviate the financial worries of members of the university.

This society supports the development of the University in research, teaching, the promotion of young researchers and international relations both in idealistic and financial terms. The society includes students, teachers, alumni, commercial enterprises and private individuals from all areas of society among its members.

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