Details on examinations in the summer semester 2021

16.06.2021 -  

In summer semester 2021, exams in presence will be possible as well as alternative forms of exams. Please check the homepage of the examination office and the individual chairs regularly for information on the form of examination, examination dates and, if applicable, examination rooms or examination modalities. Despite currently very low incidence figures, for reasons of infection control, presence examinations will continue to be held this semester only under special security precautions. Details can be found in the appendix or on our Corona website.

General examinations modalities

Withdrawal from an examination without giving a reason for withdrawal remains valid. If you do not appear for a registered module examination/course-related examination performance, this will be considered as a withdrawal from the examination. The examination will not be graded as "not sufficient (5.0)". The submission of proof, e. g. a medical certificate, is not required. Module examinations/study-accompanying examinations that have been taken will be reassessed from the summer semester 2021.

Upon application, you can improve successfully completed module examinations/study-related examinations that were offered in the summer semester 2020 according to the semester-related course catalog (LSF) for the purpose of improving grades once in the summer semester 2021. You will find the necessary applications on the respective websites of your examination office.

If students are unable to take face-to-face exams, alternative exams should be offered and made possible in the same semester.

Instructions for examinations in presence

    • The general hygiene concept of the OVGU must be observed.
    • The instructions of the examination supervisors must be followed. They are at the same time the contact person on site and responsible for the compliance and implementation of the hygiene concept, the applicable contact restrictions (1.50m or 2m) and distance regulations as well as regarding the wearing of a mouth-nose-protection (medical mask/FFP2-mask).
    • There is no compulsory testing for taking exams in presence, but we recommend taking a quick test/self-test under supervision (e. g. at the OVGU test center) or a self-test at home on the day of the exam.
    • In the buildings and examination rooms, the distance markings must be observed and the minimum distance (1.50m or 2m) to other persons must be maintained. In addition to maintaining the minimum distance, the wearing of a medical mask or FFP2 mask is mandatory in all presence examinations. If students are not able to wear a medical mask or FFP2 mask due to health restrictions, they must present a corresponding certificate/disability certificate.

Conducting examinations in presence

  • In the examination room, only designated seats are systematically occupied. The instructions of the examination supervisors must be followed.
  • Shortly before the start of the examination, the identity check is carried out by the examination supervisors at the seat in compliance with the hygiene rules. For this purpose, students place their student ID (or another official ID document, if applicable) on the seat in front of or next to them.
  • Please make sure to keep your distance during the entire examination, the toilet visits, entering and leaving the rooms! (1.50m or 2m)
  • In order to be able to trace possible chains of contact in the event of infection with COVID-19, all students are required to register in the examination rooms of the OVGU via the QR codes (UniNow app). More informations here.

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