Information for international students in times of Corona

What are the chances of finding my first job in Germany after my graduation during the Corona phase?

You plan on finding your first job in Germany after your graduation? That is great! Please do not be discouraged by the current situation. The chances of finding a job in the corona phase vary greatly from sector to sector and from company to company. Some companies continue as before (as best as they can); for others the situation is a disaster. With regard to the economy, the question arises as to what the situation AFTER the corona phase will be and how it will develop. Since any prediction regarding your desired position and your desired industry would be guesswork at the moment, we give you the following clear recommendation: Apply as normal, just as you would have done even without the crisis. Not doing so now would mean risking missed opportunities. However, plan considerably more time for the entire process of finding a suitable job. And while a few weeks ago we would have clearly advised "be selective", we now say rather "don't be too selective, the Corona crisis is very well suited to justify a change of activity, industry or similar later in case of doubt“!

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What are the chances of finding an internship during the Corona phase?

Again, this varies from sector to sector and company to company. In principle, however, the following applies at present: all companies are concentrating on their core business and are reducing tasks such as the supervision of interns. However, if you can prove in your application that you bring a really big added value to the company (which you should actually always show), it might give you a huge advantage. Emphasize that you would like to get involved, not necessarily that you want to learn a lot. You will learn by doing it.

If possible, look for personal contacts from your network and offer yourself as an intern rather than send an unsolicited application where people don't know you yet. Talk to your lecturers and professors to see if they can establish contact with companies. Think about which industries are particularly challenged at the moment and apply there (retail, medical technology, logistics, health care, etc.).

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How do I find a new student job now?

Many students will have lost their part-time job in the cinema, bar or restaurant. Do not despair. Despite the difficult times we continue to receive offers for part-time jobs. Check our job portal JobTeaser regularly. Write to us. As already stated, certain sectors are currently looking for more support, especially in agriculture, health care or retail.

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture has set up the placement platform Das Land hilft  which you can use to find open and temporary jobs in agriculture. Due to the prevailing situation, many medical institutions are looking for short-term help, such as the Pfeiffersche Stiftungen in Magdeburg. Furthermore, websites such as Hierbleiben, Xing, LinkedInStepStoneKimeta and Indeed  help you to find a part-time job.

If you still can't find a job, call the company of your choice and ask if a vacant position is available. Or try an unsolicited application.

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Can I apply for a scholarship now? What scholarship opportunities do I have?

At the Otto-von-Guericke-University three scholarships are awarded to students:

- the Deutschlandstipendium (Germany scholarship)

- the Unternehmensstipendium (company scholarship)

- the family scholarship

The application period for these scholarships for the summer semester 2020 is currently closed. The next application period for the coming winter semester will start in June 2020. You can also search for the right scholarship at the database Stipendienlotse (only in German). 

If you have a question regarding scholarships at the OVGU, please contact us by e-mail at . The scholarship team will be happy to help you.

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How do I currently get support with the application process?

Due to the current situation, the OVGU Career Service will discontinue all personal consultations until at least May 3, 2020. You are welcome to use our telephone and digital advice instead. Please send us your application documents (CV and/or cover letter) by e-mail to We will check them and then give you feedback. We will also be happy to answer any questions about jobs and internships this way.

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