Transfer Vouchers 2015

Companies with whom in 2015 cooperation projects were begun within the framework of the transfer voucher programme run by the state of Saxony-Anhalt.

Click on the company logo to see the copy of the voucher and the topic that was worked on with the company.

January-August 2015

ifa_rotorion KgKJH  Guardian-Flachglas-GmbH  IFA 
Getec - green energy KID MD KROMI-Logistik-AG CSV-GmbH
MotionDrive Enercon ifa_rotorion MotionDrive
Getec-heat-&-power-AG KgKJH Laempe-GmbH Laempe-GmbH
ITP-Pergande-GmbH Brandt-&-Wangler-GmbH ITP-Pergande-GmbH HLW-LSA-GmbH
Getec AG ITP-Pergande-GmbH Krüger-und-Gothe-GmbH Fraunhofer
GPA DB-Bahnbau-Gruppe Jungheinrich-Landsberg EMCO-Magdeburg
sfb-Gmbh Primo-Espresso Hermes metra-Tec
Stadtwerke-Aschersleben Microvista Microvista bosch
WEMA-GmbH  ifa_rotorion Magna-Naturstein-GmbH Energy-Systems-GmbH

September-December 2015

IFA  Randstad-Professionals  Senso-Tech  MWA-GmbH
FEW-Blankenburg-GmbH ibank Caritas-MD citim
bolchen-bonbonmanufaktur IBM-Services-Center ITP-Pergande-GmbH Metall-Supplie

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