Research Groups

A researcher group is a close working alliance between several outstanding scientists working together on a research assignment. In the process, in terms of its thematic, time and financial scope, the research project far exceeds the funding possibilities within the context of individual funding under the normal or priority grant programmes. Researcher groups frequently contribute to establishing new working directions. Researcher groups can offer development opportunities for emerging groups, strengthen cooperation with partners external to the university, enable scientists to be released for periods of time, and intensify international cooperation.

The objective of the "PolarCoN" researcher group is to investigate polarisation effects in group III nitride-based heterostructures and to research various approaches for corresponding applications in optoelectronic components. In particular, we are seeking to close the so-called "green gap" that describes what is currently the very poor optical efficiency of GaN-based green light emitters in comparison with corresponding blue and ultra-violet light and laser diodes. This work should ultimately lead to the realisation of a green-emitting laser diode in the GaN material system.

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