Fundamentals of Renewable Energies


Fundamentals of Renewable Energies

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This new international certificate course is offered online and as part-time to allow participation from home or work, thus enabling students to organise their day to fit work and family life for flexible study periods.

It is suited for everyone with an interest to learn more about renewable energies and a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering. In 3 modules, the students learn about the fundamentals of renewable energies, the different sources, their materials and energy storage.


Master‘s programme

This certificate course is part of our upcoming Online Master‘s programme in Renewable Energy, Climate Change and Environmental Protection for MSc.

Credit points (ECTS) acquired of this course as well as of the International Summer University of Environmental Sciences (ISU) will be recognized. For more details on the International Summer University go to or




This class provides basic knowledge of renewable energy conversion for different components. Starting out with general energy statistics and fundamental knowledge, e.g. definitions, the student gains chemical and physical knowledge of the working principles for the different components including technical limits and economic importance of several systems.

Module content:

  • Statistics in energy consumption
  • Types of energy resources
  • Terms and definitions
  • Conversion (devices and materials thereof, processes): photovoltaics; solar thermal; wind, water and planetary energy; fuel cells; geothermal; biomass, solar chemistry
  • Dimensioning examples

Responsible lecturer: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Michael Scheffler



In this module, students will continue a more detailed study on photovoltaics including system and storage of photovoltaics. The aim of this module is to design a single family home with solar panels and model the efficiency of the panels throughout the year. In addition, the students will acquire knowledge of the software PV Sol and create their own building with solar panels.

Module content:

  • Storage of solar cells
  • Systems of solar cells
  • Introduction to PV Sol
  • Practice samples of PV Sol
  • Project using PV Sol

Responsible lecturer: Dr. Claudia Swanson



This course contains important technical application and factors for the growing energy demand in Germany and worldwide and also discusses recent developments in research. The student learns about the different approaches for energy storage including thermal, electrical, chemical and mechanical energy storage.

Module content:

  • Thermal energy storage
  • Electrical energy storage
  • Chemical energy storage
  • Compressed air
  • Flywheel energy storage
  • Other storage media e.g. hydroelectric energy storage

Responsible lecturer: Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Franziska Scheffler


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We strongly recommend an English level of at least B2 level (Upper-Intermediate English)


The course fee is 2.900,00 EUR

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