Digital Product School 2024

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+++ Digital Product School Is Open For Applications +++

Learn to build innovative digital products that actually work and offer value to society!


Their 3-month program is a high-speed roller coaster ride through the life of a digital product maker! You will be part of a strong cross-functional and international team and solve a real-world challenge in collaboration with their company partners.


BUILD a human-centered digital product and continuously ship the production-ready application with typescript, node.js, or react. Give the product intelligence by using AI, large language models, or machine learning. On your journey, agile working methods, Design Thinking techniques, and the Lean Startup methodology will help you to act quickly and ensure that you are on the right track.


The Digital Product School is a unique opportunity to dare yourself, but don't worry—it is a secure place where making mistakes is valued and where knowledgeable trainers and specialists are always available to help! You will work in a collaborative environment to create a digital product that users will love.


Apply for Digital Product School now!

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