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Raylytic GmbH

Schillerstr. 5

04109 Leipzig              

Tel.: 0341/24936021            

Hr. Frank Trautwein


Trainee / Internship / Werkstudent(in) / Praktikant(in)

Arbeitsort: 39104 Magdeburg, Rötgerstr. 9, Germany Intern


Company Description

In today's big-data environment", reliable clinical data is the basis for any further medical progress. With our web-based software platform QDICOM, we automate the data collection and analysis of clinical studies. Our customers are manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceuticals, contract research institutes and hospitals. Our standout selling point is the integrated collection, management and automatic analysis of medical images utilizing artificial intelligence.


Job Description

Together with our senior developers, you will work on the development and improvement of our automated sofware testing capabilities, a subject area, which represents today one of the greatest challenges for software companies worldwide. You will come into contact with "state-of-the-art" frameworks for automatede testing in the demanding environment of medical software development. You will will analyse our software platform, implement automated tests using established coding guidelines independently and thus guarantee the accuracy of our medical applications. Besides, you will learn essential tools for professional software development and project management such als Jira, Confluence or Bitbucket (Git). Qur experienced developers are at yoour side with the aim of providing you with valuable support and giving you the practical experience, which is indispensable for a succesful career in leading software companies. For the duration of your fulltime internship we offer you a monthly payment of 750 per month.



  • to qualify for either of the above jobs or projects
  • you have an above-average level of motivation and general interest
  • you are eager to learn and achieve something
  • you are self-motivated and can work self-reliant (you will get coaching too...)
  • you are a responsible and dependable team-player with good communication skills
  • our internal language is German and English and we expect you to be proficient in either one
  • you have a very good understanding of English written text


Additional information

We work in a flat hierarchy, with short decision-making processes and a collegial, motivating atmosphere. Helping each other and coaching is natural.

We are convinced our work will have a positive influence on the care of patients, giving meaning to what you do beyond the bits and bytes.

We care about you by defining and working out your long-term career path (should you be interested in a permanent future position), and by offering fresh fruits and a companywide annual retreat.

We prefer your office to be in Magdeburg, Germany.

Raylytic is an equal opportunity employer that celebrates, supports and promotes diversity and inclusion. We will consider all applicants without regard to gender, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.


Up for a Challenge?

We look forward to receiving yoour application and getting to know you! Please apply over our website


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