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Doniz Kettenmann, Sebastian;  White, Matthew;  Colard-Thomas, Julien;  Kraft, Matilda;  Feßler, Andrea T.;  Danz, Karin;  Wieland, Gerhard;  Wagner, Sylvia;  Schwarz, Stefan;  Wiehe, Arno;  Kulak, Nora 

Investigating alkylated prodigiosenes and their Cu(II)-dependent biological activity - interactions with DNA, antimicrobial and photoinduced anticancer activity
In: ChemMedChem - Weinheim [u.a.]: Wiley-VCH, Bd. 17 (2022), 3, insges. 11 S.


Begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Doniz Kettenmann, Sebastian;  Nossol, Yvonne;  Louka, Febee R.;  Legrande, Julia R.;  Marine, Elise;  Fischer, Roland C.;  Mautner, Franz A.;  Hergl, Vinja;  Kulak, Nora;  Massoud, Salah S 

Copper(II) complexes with tetradentate piperazine-based ligands - DNA cleavage and cytotoxicity
In: Inorganics - Basel: MDPI, Bd. 9 (2021), 2, insges. 23 S.

Hohlfeld, Benjamin F.;  Gitter, Burkhard;  Kingsbury, Christopher J.;  Flanagan, Keith J.;  Steen, Dorika;  Wieland, Gerhard D.;  Kulak, Nora;  Senge, Mathias O.;  Wiehe, Arno 

Dipyrrinato-iridium(III) complexes for application in photodynamic therapy and antimicrobial photodynamic inactivation
In: Chemistry - a European journal - Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, Bd. 27 (2021), 21, S. 6440-6459

Lüdtke, Carsten;  Sobottka, Sebastian;  Heinrich, Julian;  Liebing, Phil;  Wedepohl, Stefanie;  Sarkar, Biprajit;  Kulak, Nora 

Forty years after the discovery of its nucleolytic activity - [Cu(phen) 2 ] 2+ shows unattended DNA cleavage activity upon fluorination
In: Chemistry - a European journal - Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, Bd. 27 (2021), 10, S. 3273-3277

Heinrich, Julian;  Bossak-Ahmad, Karolina;  Riisom, Mie;  Haeri, Haleh H.;  Steel, Tasha R.;  Hergl, Vinja;  Langhans, Alexander;  Schattschneider, Corinna;  Barrera, Jannis;  Jamieson, Stephen M. F.;  Stein, Matthias;  Hinderberger, Dariush;  Hartinger, Christian G.;  Bal, Wojciech;  Kulak, Nora 

Incorporation of β-alanine in Cu(II) ATCUN peptide complexes increases ROS levels, DNA cleavage and antiproliferative activity
In: Chemistry - a European journal - Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, Bd. 27 (2021), 72, S. 18093-18102, 2022

Xie, Jing;  Haeckel, Akvile;  Hauptmann, Ralf;  Pryjomska Ray, Iweta;  Limberg, Christian;  Kulak, Nora;  Hamm, Bernd;  Schellenberger, Eyk 

Iron(III) t CDTA derivatives as MRI contrast agents - increased T 1 relaxivities at higher magnetic field strength and pH sensing
In: Magnetic resonance in medicine - New York, NY [u.a.]: Wiley-Liss, Bd. 85 (2021), 6, S. 3370-3382


Liebing, Phil;  Kulak, Nora 

Metal-organic frameworks as enzyme mimics
In: Encyclopedia of inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry - Chichester [u.a.]: Wiley; Scott, Robert A. . - 2021, S. 1-22


Begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Hohlfeld, Benjamin F.;  Gitter, Burkhard;  Flanagan, Keith J.;  Kingsbury, Christopher J.;  Kulak, Nora;  Senge, Mathias O.;  Wiehe, Arno 

Exploring the relationship between structure and activity in BODIPYs designed for antimicrobial phototherapy
In: Organic & biomolecular chemistry: OBC - Cambridge: Royal Society of Chemistry, Bd. 18.2020, 13, S. 2416-2431


Begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Schattschneider, C.;  Doniz Kettenmann, S.;  Hinojosa, S.;  Heinrich, J.;  Kulak, N. 

Biological activity of amphiphilic metal complexes
In: In: Coordination Chemistry Reviews, Bd. 385, S. 191-207, 2019

Dietrich, P.M.;  Lange, N.;  Lippitz, A.;  Holzweber, M.;  Kulak, N.;  Unger, W.E.S. 

Click chemistry on silicon nitride for biosensor fabrication
In: In: Applied Surface Science, Bd. 481, S. 10-15, 2019

Heinrich, J.;  König, N.F.;  Sobottka, S.;  Sarkar, B.;  Kulak, N. 

Flexible vs. rigid bis(2-benzimidazolyl) ligands in Cu(II) complexes: Impact on redox chemistry and oxidative DNA cleavage activity
In: In: Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, Bd. 194, S. 223-232, 2019

Hohlfeld, B.F.;  Flanagan, K.J.;  Kulak, N.;  Senge, M.O.;  Christmann, M.;  Wiehe, A. 

Synthesis of Porphyrinoids, BODIPYs, and (Dipyrrinato)ruthenium(II) Complexes from Prefunctionalized Dipyrromethanes
In: In: European Journal of Organic Chemistry, Bd. 2019, 25, S. 4020-4033, 2019

Nicht begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Kulak, Nora 

Fluoreszenzsensoren für die DNA-Spaltung
In: GIT Labor-Fachzeitschrift, 2019, 29-31


Begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Leichnitz, S.;  Heinrich, J.;  Kulak, N. 

A fluorescence assay for the detection of hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals generated by metallonucleases
In: In: Chemical Communications, Bd. 54, 95, S. 13411-13414, 2018

Heinrich, J.;  Stubbe, J.;  Kulak, N. 

Cu(II) complexes with hydrazone-functionalized phenanthrolines as self-activating metallonucleases
In: In: Inorganica Chimica Acta, Bd. 481, S. 79-86, 2018

Kettenmann, S.D.;  Louka, F.R.;  Marine, E.;  Fischer, R.C.;  Mautner, F.A.;  Kulak, N.;  Massoud, S.S. 

Efficient Artificial Nucleases for Mediating DNA Cleavage Based on Tuning the Steric Effect in the Pyridyl Derivatives of Tripod Tetraamine-Cobalt(II) Complexes
In: In: European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, Bd. 2018, 20, S. 2322-2338, 2018

Hinojosa, S.;  Weise, C.;  Albold, U.;  Kulak, N. 

Monoalkylated Cyclen Complexes for Efficient Proteolysis: Influence of Donor Atom Exchange
In: In: ChemistrySelect, Bd. 3, 44, S. 12552-12559, 2018

Hormann, J.;  Malina, J.;  Lemke, O.;  Hülsey, M.J.;  Wedepohl, S.;  Potthoff, J.;  Schmidt, C.;  Ott, I.;  Keller, B.G.;  Brabec, V.;  Kulak, N. 

Multiply Intercalator-Substituted Cu(II) Cyclen Complexes as DNA Condensers and DNA/RNA Synthesis Inhibitors
In: In: Inorganic Chemistry, Bd. 57, 9, S. 5004-5012, 2018

Gutsche, C.S.;  Gräfe, S.;  Gitter, B.;  Flanagan, K.J.;  Senge, M.O.;  Kulak, N.;  Wiehe, A. 

Pre-/post-functionalization in dipyrrin metal complexes-antitumor and antibacterial activity of their glycosylated derivatives
In: In: Dalton Transactions, Bd. 47, 35, S. 12373-12384, 2018

Hormann, J.;  Streller, S.;  Kulak, N. 

Synthesis and Evaluation of Artificial DNA Scissors: An Interdisciplinary Undergraduate Experiment
In: In: Journal of Chemical Education, Bd. 95, 10, S. 1848-1855, 2018



Massoud, Salah S.;  Fischer, Roland C.;  Mautner, Franz A.;  Doniz Kettenmann, Sebastian;  Kulak, Nora 

Development of Efficient Artificial Nucleases for DNA Cleavage Based Pyridyl Tripod Cobalt(II) Complexes
In: J. Biol. Inorg. Chem. 2017, 22, S247 (Tagungsband ICBIC 18 Florianópolis)

Begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Gutsche, C.S.;  Hohlfeld, B.F.;  Flanagan, K.J.;  Senge, M.O.;  Kulak, N.;  Wiehe, A. 

Sequential Nucleophilic Substitution of the -Pyrrole and p-Aryl Positions of meso-Pentafluorophenyl-Substituted BODIPYs
In: In: European Journal of Organic Chemistry, Bd. 2017, 22, S. 3187-3196, 2017

Lüdtke, C.;  Haupt, A.;  Wozniak, M.;  Kulak, N. 

Synthesis of fluorine-containing 1,10-phenanthrolines using mild versions of Skraup and Doebner-von Miller reactions
In: In: Journal of Fluorine Chemistry, Bd. 193, S. 98-105, 2017


Begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Lange, N.;  Dietrich, P.M.;  Lippitz, A.;  Kulak, N.;  Unger, W.E.S. 

New azidation methods for the functionalization of silicon nitride and application in copper-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC)
In: In: Surface and Interface Analysis, Bd. 48, 7, S. 621-625, 2016

Gutsche, C.S.;  Ortwerth, M.;  Gräfe, S.;  Flanagan, K.J.;  Senge, M.O.;  Reissig, H.-U.;  Kulak, N.;  Wiehe, A. 

Nucleophilic Aromatic Substitution on Pentafluorophenyl-Substituted Dipyrranes and Tetrapyrroles as a Route to Multifunctionalized Chromophores for Potential Application in Photodynamic Therapy
In: In: Chemistry - A European Journal, Bd. 22, 39, S. 13953-13964, 2016

Perera-Bobusch, C.;  Hormann, J.;  Weise, C.;  Wedepohl, S.;  Dernedde, J.;  Kulak, N. 

Significantly enhanced proteolytic activity of cyclen complexes by monoalkylation
In: In: Dalton Transactions, Bd. 45, 26, S. 10500-10504, 2016

Dietrich, P.M.;  Glamsch, S.;  Ehlert, C.;  Lippitz, A.;  Kulak, N.;  Unger, W.E.S. 

Synchrotron-radiation XPS analysis of ultra-thin silane films: Specifying the organic silicon
In: In: Applied Surface Science, Bd. 363, S. 406-411, 2016

Sudarga Tjakraatmadja, A.A.J.;  Lüdtke, C.;  Kulak, N. 

Tuning the DNA binding and cleavage of bpa Cu(II) complexes by ether tethers with hydroxyl and methoxy groups
In: In: Inorganica Chimica Acta, Bd. 452, S. 159-169, 2016


Begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Wende, C.;  Kulak, N. 

Fluorophore ATCUN complexes: Combining agent and probe for oxidative DNA cleavage
In: In: Chemical Communications, Bd. 51, 62, S. 12395-12398, 2015

Hormann, J.;  Van Der Meer, M.;  Sarkar, B.;  Kulak, N. 

From Cyclen to 12-Crown-4 Copper(II) Complexes: Exchange of Donor Atoms Improves DNA Cleavage Activity
In: In: European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, Bd. 2015, 28, S. 4722-4730, 2015

Sureshbabu, P.;  Tjakraatmadja, A.A.J.S.;  Hanmandlu, C.;  Elavarasan, K.;  Kulak, N.;  Sabiah, S. 

Mononuclear Cu(ii) and Zn(ii) complexes with a simple diamine ligand: Synthesis, structure, phosphodiester binding and DNA cleavage studies
In: In: RSC Advances, Bd. 5, 29, S. 22405-22418, 2015

Dietrich, P.M.;  Streeck, C.;  Glamsch, S.;  Ehlert, C.;  Lippitz, A.;  Nutsch, A.;  Kulak, N.;  Beckhoff, B.;  Unger, W.E.S. 

Quantification of Silane Molecules on Oxidized Silicon: Are there Options for a Traceable and Absolute Determination?
In: In: Analytical Chemistry, Bd. 87, 19, S. 10117-10124, 2015


König, N.F.;  Kulak, N. 

Activatable Metallonucleases
In: Reference Module in Chemistry, Molecular Sciences and Chemical Engineering, Elsevier, 2015



Perera, Chrischani;  Kulak, Nora 

Amphiphilic metal complexes of cyclen derivatives for improved protein cleavage via particle formation
In: J. Biol. Inorg. Chem. 2014, 19, S803S804 (Tagungsband EuroBIC 12 Zürich)

Hormann, Jan;  Kulak, Nora 

Copper complexes of novel anthraquinone-substituted cyclen derivatives for DNA cleavage
In: J. Biol. Inorg. Chem. 2014, 19, S804 (Tagungsband EuroBIC 12 Zürich)

Wende, Christian;  Kulak, Nora 

Fluorophore ATCUN complexes: dual probes for DNA cleavage
In: J. Biol. Inorg. Chem. 2014, 19, S803 (Tagungsband EuroBIC 12 Zürich)

Hormann, Jan;  Kulak, Nora 

Tuning the nuclease activity of macrocyclic copper complexes
In: J. Biol. Inorg. Chem. 2014, 19, S752S753 (Tagungsband EuroBIC 12 Zürich)

Begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Wende, C.;  Lüdtke, C.;  Kulak, N. 

Copper complexes of N-donor ligands as artificial nucleases
In: In: European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, Bd. 2014, 16, S. 2597-2612, 2015


Begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Johnstone, T.C.;  Kulak, N.;  Pridgen, E.M.;  Farokhzad, O.C.;  Langer, R.;  Lippard, S.J. 

Nanoparticle encapsulation of mitaplatin and the effect thereof on in vivo properties
In: In: ACS Nano, Bd. 7, 7, S. 5675-5683, 2013

Rodríguez-Hermida, S.;  Wende, C.;  Lago, A.B.;  Carballo, R.;  Kulak, N.;  Vázquez-Lõpez, E.M. 

Reaction of a bis(benzoylhydrazone) with copper(II): Complex formation, hydroxylation, and DNA cleavage activity
In: In: European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 34, S. 5843-5853, 2013

Hormann, J.;  Perera, C.;  Deibel, N.;  Lentz, D.;  Sarkar, B.;  Kulak, N. 

Straightforward approach to efficient oxidative DNA cleaving agents based on Cu(ii) complexes of heterosubstituted cyclens
In: In: Dalton Transactions, Bd. 42, 13, S. 4357-4360, 2013

Nicht begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Perera, Chrischani;  Hormann, Jan;  Kulak, Nora 

DNA und Proteine mit Metallen spalten
In: GIT Labor-Fachzeitschrift 2013, 448450

Hormann, Jan;  Perera, Chrischani;  Kulak, Nora 

DNA und Proteine schneiden so geht es mit Metallkomplexen
In: Nachrichten aus der Chemie 2013, 61, 10031007


Begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Graf, N.;  Mokhtari, T.E.;  Papayannopoulos, I.A.;  Lippard, S.J. 

Platinum(IV)-chlorotoxin (CTX) conjugates for targeting cancer cells
In: In: Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, Bd. 110, S. 58-63, 2012

Graf, N.;  Lippard, S.J. 

Redox activation of metal-based prodrugs as a strategy for drug delivery
In: In: Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, Bd. 64, 11, S. 993-1004, 2012

Graf, N.;  Bielenberg, D.R.;  Kolishetti, N.;  Muus, C.;  Banyard, J.;  Farokhzad, O.C.;  Lippard, S.J. 

alphaVbeta3 integrin-targeted PLGA-PEG nanoparticles for enhanced anti-tumor efficacy of a Pt(IV) prodrug
In: In: ACS Nano, Bd. 6, 5, S. 4530-4539, 2012


Begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Graf, N.;  Ang, W.H.;  Zhu, G.;  Myint, M.;  Lippard, S.J. 

Role of Endonucleases XPF and XPG in Nucleotide Excision Repair of Platinated DNA and Cisplatin/Oxaliplatin Cytotoxicity
In: In: ChemBioChem, Bd. 12, 7, S. 1115-1123, 2011


Begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Dietrich, P.M.;  Graf, N.;  Gross, T.;  Lippitz, A.;  Krakert, S.;  Schüpbach, B.;  Terfort, A.;  Unger, W.E.S. 

Amine species on self-assembled monolayers of -aminothiolates on gold as identified by XPS and NEXAFS spectroscopy
In: In: Surface and Interface Analysis, Bd. 42, 6-7, S. 1184-1187, 2010

Dietrich, P.M.;  Graf, N.;  Gross, T.;  Lippitz, A.;  Schüpbach, B.;  Bashir, A.;  Wöll, C.;  Terfort, A.;  Unger, W.E.S. 

Self-assembled monolayers of aromatic -aminothiols on gold: Surface chemistry and reactivity
In: In: Langmuir, Bd. 26, 6, S. 3949-3954, 2010


Begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Graf, N.;  Gross, T.;  Wirth, T.;  Weigel, W.;  Unger, W.E.S. 

Application of XPS and ToF-SIMS for surface chemical analysis of DNA microarrays and their substrates
In: In: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, Bd. 393, 8, S. 1907-1912, 2009

Graf, N.;  Yegen, E.;  Gross, T.;  Lippitz, A.;  Weigel, W.;  Krakert, S.;  Terfort, A.;  Unger, W.E.S. 

XPS and NEXAFS studies of aliphatic and aromatic amine species on functionalized surfaces
In: In: Surface Science, Bd. 603, 18, S. 2849-2860, 2009


Begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Graf, N.;  Yeen, E.;  Lippitz, A.;  Treu, D.;  Wirth, T.;  Unger, W.E.S. 

Optimization of cleaning and aminosilanization protocols for Si wafers to be used as platforms for biochip microarrays by surface analysis (XPS, ToF-SIMS and NEXAFS spectroscopy)
In: In: Surface and Interface Analysis, Bd. 40, 3-4, S. 180-183, 2008

Graf, N.;  Kassube, S.;  Krämer, R. 

Using enzymatic amplification by aldolase for the optical detection of DNA by an artificial signal cascade
In: In: Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Bd. 18, 17, S. 4786-4788, 2008

Nicht begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Unger, Wolfgang E.S.;  Graf, Nora;  Gross, Thomas;  Wirth, Thomas;  Weigel, Winfried 

Surface chemical analysis of DNA microarrays
In: BIOforum Europe 2008, 12, 1416


Begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Graf, N.;  Göritz, M.;  Krämer, R. 

A metal-ion-releasing probe for DNA detection by catalytic signal amplification
In: In: Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, Bd. 45, 24, S. 4013-4015, 2006

Graf, N.;  Krämer, R. 

Enzymatic amplification in a bioinspired, autonomous signal cascade
In: In: Chemical Communications, 42, S. 4375-4376, 2006

  • Koordinationschemie und biologische Anwendungen von Metallkomplexen:
    • Metallbasierte künstliche Nucleasen, Proteasen und Enzyminhibitoren
    • Fluorierte Ligandensysteme für bioaktive Metallkomplexe
    • Supramolekulare Aggregation und Immobilisierung bioaktiver Metallkomplexe
    • Oligonucleotid- und Peptid-Metallkomplex-Konjugate

  • Koordinationschemie der f-Elemente
seit 03/2020Professur (Lehrstuhl für Anorganische Chemie)
Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg
Institut für Chemie
2011¿2020Juniorprofessur (Bioanorganische Chemie)
Freie Universität Berlin
Institut für Chemie und Biochemie
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge/MA, USA
Department of Chemistry, Betreuer Prof. Dr. Stephen Lippard
Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM), Berlin
Schicht- und Oberflächenanalytik, Betreuer Dr. Wolfgang Unger
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg
Anorganisch-Chemisches Institut, Betreuer Prof. Dr. Roland Krämer
1998¿2003Studium der Chemie
Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

2016  Dr. Otto Röhm Gedächtnisstiftung
2008  Postdoc-Stipendium des DAAD (2 Jahre)
2004  Promotionsstipendium des Landes Baden-Württemberg (2 Jahre)
2003  Dr. Sophie-Bernthsen-Preis für das Diplom
Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh)
American Chemical Society (ACS)
Deutscher Hochschulverband (DHV)
Society of Biological Inorganic Chemistry (SBIC)

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