Applying via uni-assist e.V.

Which applications must be submitted via uni-assist e.V.?

Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg is a member university of uni-assist and in future all applications for admission from candidates who have obtained their university entrance qualification (A-Levels, High School Diploma, Baccalaureat, Gaokao or similar) and/or Master's admission qualification (Bachelor's degree, University Diploma or similar) abroad will be checked by uni-assist.

The process enables you to apply to several uni-assist member universities at once whilst only needing to submit one set of certified and translated documents. Uni-assist will let you know in good time whether or not your documents are complete and if your evidence of qualifications fulfils the formal requirements for the course of your choice.

If you wish to apply to more than one university, please check whether the other universities of your choice are also uni-assist member universities (at present this applies to 170 out of 350 German universities). An up-to-date list of all uni-assist member universities is available directly from the uni-assist website.

  1. For Medicine: Citizens of EU member states, applicants from the EEA states of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein as well as foreign applicants who acquired their entitlement to admission to a German university in the German education system, are treated in the same way as German candidates in the application process. In this case, the application documents for the first semester must be submitted to the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (foundation for university admission). More information is available on (German onlyDeutsche Flagge).

  2. For the Bachelor programme Psychology: Citizens of EU member states, applicants from the EEA states of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein as well as foreign applicants who acquired their entitlement to admission to a German university in the German education system, are treated in the same way as German candidates in the application process. Applicants for the winter semester 2016 participate in the Dialog Oriented Service Process (DoSV) an register first at “Stiftung Hochschulstart”. Using the registration numbers of the “Stiftung” they can then apply directly at OVGU.

  3. Direct application also applies for:

1. Foreign applicants, who earned their Bachelor's degree in Germany, apply directly to University. (Exception: Applications for Master courses Integrative Neuroscience and  Performance Analysis of Sport must in any case be conducted through uni-assist).

2. Applicants for the courses listed below:

Teaching Degree Programmes
Further Qualification
Doctoral Studies

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How does applying via uni-assist e.V. work?
  • Find out everything you need to know about your course on the OVGU website;
  • in addition, also find out about uni-assist from the relevant website;
  • apply online via uni-assist;
  • then print out the online application form and send it off electronically.
  • The printed copy must be forwarded by post together with your documents in the required format (certified copies and sworn translations) to uni-assist:
    Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg
    c/o uni-assist e. V.
    11507 Berlin
  • Your full set of documents (including all language certificates) and your application fee must have been received by uni-assist by the closing date for applications to your chosen course.
  • After completing the application form you can also upload documents to the uni-assist portal.
  • Please do not send any documents to the University.
  • Uni-assist will let you know if your application has been forwarded to the University. The University will then make contact with you within three weeks.
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Which documents do I need to send to uni-assist e.V.?
  • Printed uni-assist online application form;
  • simple copy of the pages of your passport containing your personal details and photograph, and your residence permit where applicable;
  • officially certified copy and sworn translation of your secondary school leaving certificate (in German or English) with grades and overview of subjects;
  • officially certified copy and sworn translation of the certificate for the higher education entrance examination completed in your home country, if taken;
  • officially certified copies and sworn translations of subject and grade overviews, diplomas, university degrees (Bachelor's, Master's) and certificates for years of study already completed at other universities;
  • officially certified copy of German or English language certificates, depending on the course:
    German: Proof of completion of German language examinations, proof of at least level C1;
    Overview of deviant language requirements for specific courses of study.
    English:Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL Test) or equivalent language certificates (please check this in the brief description of your course); please have your TOEFL certificate sent directly to uni-assist; uni-assist TOEFL Code: 2727; equally, please have your IELTS test result sent directly to uni-assist; uni-assist is an IELTS Recognising Institution: notify uni-assist of your Test Report Form Number, so that IELTS can verify your certificate online;
  • officially certified copy of the entrance examination certificate (if required);
  • specific evidence, if required for your desired course (letter of motivation, proof of internship or placement, letter of recommendation, proof of having completed aptitude tests, GRE/GMAT - in this regard, please check the brief description of your course);
  • applicants with degrees from the People's Republic of China and Vietnam, please append an original of the certificate issued by the Academic Evaluation Centre (Akademische Prüfstelle, APS) at the German Embassy in Beijing (German only  Deutsche Flagge) or Hanoi (German only  Deutsche Flagge);
  • receipt for the payment or transfer of the fee to uni-assist's account.
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What is the deadline for sending my application to uni-assist e.V.?
  • For the winter semester (WS): by 15 July
  • For the summer semester (SS): by 15 January
Some courses have their own application deadlines
Study Programme
Integrative Neuroscience (M. Sc.) 1 January until 15 March for Wintersemester
International Management, Marketing, Entrepreneurship (M. Sc.) 15 April until 15 June for Wintersemester
Operations Research and Business Analytics (M. Sc.) 15 April until 15 June for Wintersemester
Performance Analysis of Sport (M. Sc.) 15 April until 15 June for Wintersemester
Data and Knowledge Engineering (M.Sc.) 15 April until 15 June
15 October until 15 December
for Wintersemester
for Sommersemester
Medical Systems Engineering (M. Sc.) 15 October until 15 December for Sommersemester
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What happens with my uni-assist application?

Uni-assist will check your documents for completeness, determine your eligibility for higher education (HZB) and/or eligibility to study on a Master's degree course (MZB), calculate your HZB and MZB grades, check that you meet the linguistic conditions and where applicable document additional aspects of your application. You will be kept up to date regularly about the status of your application and notified of the outcome of the checks.

If the outcome is positive, your application will be forwarded electronically to the University. Subsequently the University will make contact with you and advise you of its decision with regard to your application.

If your documents do not meet the formal admission requirements, you will also be informed and your documents will be retained by uni-assist. If you wish to study at our University, you would then - if applicable with new proofs - need to reapply for the next semester or year.

Your details will be retained by uni-assist for four years. Your application documents will be kept by uni-assist for one year. As a rule they will not be returned to you.

After forwarding of your application to the university by uni-assist we need approximately three more weeks for further processing. During this period please refrain from inquiries about your status of application. In any case you will be informed about the final decision as soon as possible.

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