Terms and Conditions of Participation/ Language Requirements

Conditions of Participation and Language Requirements
  • You are enrolled in a course of study at OVGU;
  • Bachelor-Studierende sind nach erfolgreicher Vollendung des ersten Studienjahres förderfähig; optimalerweise sollte die Mobilität aber erst im dritten Studienjahr erfolgen;
  • Master-Studierende können grundsätzlich ab dem ersten Studiensemester am ERASMUS-Programm teilnehmen;
  • you are able to demonstrate a sufficiently good command of the language in which the courses will be held. For a study placement in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal, at the time of the ERASMUS application language skills of at least level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages must be demonstrated. The best way to demonstrate this is the DAAD language certificate, which may be issued by the OVGU Language Centre. Note:  If you do not already have the necessary language skills, then at the latest by the ERASMUS application closing date on 1 February of the preceding winter semester, you should begin a language course in the OVGU Language Centre or at another facility and use every opportunity to acquire the necessary skills.
  • Every ERASMUS student is obliged to take an adequate number of courses at the host university. As a guideline, you should aim to complete courses worth 30 ECTS credits per semester. Language and cultural courses accompanying your studies are also included in these 30 or 20 ECTS credits. (The 30 credits requirement is set down by the ERASMUS programme, to enable you to obtain your Mobility Allowance. The ECTS requirements of your department for the envisaged studies abroad must be clarified with your department before departure.)

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