Preparation and Procedure

Our website has the ERASMUS Checklist (German only  Deutsche Flagge) and all of the important forms you will need to ensure that your study is organised effectively and to help you make your personal preparations, as well as for ensuring that your ERASMUS placement runs smoothly. Before travelling abroad, please make sure that your insurance (health, accident and liability insurance) covers the entire duration of your stay abroad. As an ERASMUS student, you have the option of joining in the DAAD's Group Insurance Policy (German only  Deutsche Flagge), which offers full cover including international health, accident and liability insurance, and which is fairly reasonably priced.

Before you leave
During your stay
  • Step 2: If necessary, you must update your Learning Agreement upon arrival at your host university. Should the curriculum at the host university have changed, you must update your Learning Agreement and immediately send it to your subject coordinator at the University of Magdeburg.
  • Step 3: Should there be any other changes, you must inform the International Office. If your address (including e-mail) or bank account details change, please inform the International Office immediately via e-mail. If you wish to extend your module studies abroad, which is only possible in exceptional cases and must not lead you to exceed the maximum duration of twelve months in total, you must send a written request (with confirmation from the partner university). If you wish to end your ERASMUS exchange studies prematurely, you need to inform the International Office of the University of Magdeburg immediately. Upon written request by the International Office, you must immediately repay any resulting overpayment of the ERASMUS study allowance.
After your return
  • Step 4: The original of the Attendance Confirmation and, if applicable, a Transcript of Records if you have already received one from the host university, must be submitted to the International Office no later than four weeks after your return. The closing date for submissions for single semester / one-year outgoing placement students is 15 July. If you are still enrolled at the host university after this date, please email or fax an attendance confirmation made out to the future study completion date by 15 July. Only documents submitted before 15 July will enable outgoing students to receive payment of the second instalment of their ERASMUS mobility allowance.
  • Step 5: The ERASMUS Student Report must be submitted to the International Office no later than four weeks after your return and before 15 July.
  • Step 6: Your personal ERASMUS Experience Report must be made out using the template of the same name and uploaded via the experience report portal. Your personal experience report provides important feedback to your OVGU coordinators and, above all, is useful as initial information for future outgoing students. As soon as your uploaded report is released by the ERASMUS coordinators, it will be available to interested parties via the pages of the International Office when they click on the link for further information about the relevant exchange faculty.

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