Mobility for Bachelor's and Master's Degrees

A Semester Abroad as an Integrated Full Study Semester

For Bachelor students, semesters abroad under the ERASMUS scheme may be undertaken from the third semester of studies, however generally they are only recommended after the fifth semester. The third semester is often considered to be the most suitable for Master students. A semester abroad can serve as a substitute for a semester at OVGU, if the academic achievements accomplished abroad can be taken into account more or less completely in your course of study. In order to fulfil this condition, you need to choose a study plan abroad which is in line with your studies at home. Consult your subject coordinator first, or where necessary the responsible examination office. After being successfully nominated for the desired ERASMUS foreign study programme, you must conclude a Learning Agreement with your subject coordinator, which will be signed by the partner in charge of the host university and so confirmed.

A Semester Abroad as an Additional Period of Study

The longer you live and study abroad the more you are likely to gain from it. For this reason, a one-year stay abroad is highly recommended. However, this requires particularly careful prior consultation regarding the creditability of your academic achievements, so that your longer stay abroad can be fully taken into account. Academic achievements abroad must be of relevance for your field of study, which means recognised and acknowledged by the Learning Agreement, but not necessarily part of your local curriculum. Acquiring additional knowledge and skills that are complimentary to your local study programme makes studying abroad even more valuable for many students.

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